Obi-Wan tells Padmé her husband !!!MURDERED CHILDREN!!!


Jan 3, 2022

"Not Anakin. He couldn't" - :cautious:Yes he could! Surely Padmé would react more like: 😯"Oh no! It's the sandpeople all over again!", then Obi-Wan react like: 😕"What's that you said?"
This has to be my favourite moment in the Anti-Cheese edit of the third prequel (Obi-Wan never tells Padmé...), as it seems to motivate Padmé more to go to Anakin, and it plays really well.
Plus, the way Ewan hides a giggle after he says "Young-legs" is... :LOL: ...even Natalie seems to be holding something in!
I also wonder: How in reality would a pregnant woman react if she'd been told that her husband !murdered children!? 'cause I seriously doubt she'd go to him.
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