modern 12" Dolls.


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Oct 25, 2006
Ok, anyone know anything about these, as I have loads for sale, and have no idea of rarity/price.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dec 24, 2006
Bromsgove, Worcs UK
Definetly narly looking most of them. Atleast the vintage ones have charm about them.
I know they don't seemed to hold there value specially the POTF2 range, even more so than the standard action figures.
Remember walking around ToysRUs in the late 90s. A mate of mine had a laughing fit at this..

Wampa complete with piss stains. He contiplated buying it and chucking the Luke doll, but 45 quid is a steap for a laugh.

I think Hasbro have stopped doing them after the last movie in 2005.. kids don't seemed to be that interested. More high-end companies like US 'Sideshow' Collectibles & Japan's 'Medicom' have kinda taken over. With there more authentic detailed stuff. Like what Dragon have done in the same vane as Action Man.


Hasbro POTF2 (1997) USA

Medicom (2007) Japan

I know which one id choose..


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Oct 21, 2006
It depends on what you have?

I've been selling off my spares, mostly on free listing days, over the last 6 months and most seem to only go for Ã'£5ish.

Managed to sell some, like the Sandtrooper (white pauldron and droid) and Snowtrooper for Ã'£15 but generally there is very little interest in the line.

I did get an offer of Ã'£55 for my Tarkin and Gunner 2 pack a few months ago but the buyers feedback was horrific so I declined.

I think Sideshow has put a lot of people off although there are some reasonable 12" Hasbro figures and there is no way that Sideshow and others are going to do every single figure again. Also postage is high on these items - which also puts people off. People will buy the Hasbro Fett as not everyone has the cash for the higher end stuff.

If I was doing a show or car boot I think you would have a better chance of getting rid as people would pay a little more when not having to pay postage - the 12" Han and Tauntaun is quite impressive in person but not when you have to add Ã'£10 to the auction price for postage.
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