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Sep 5, 2007
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General Issue Vehicles & Playsets

As well as offering special offer items that included baggies Kenner/palitoy etc also offered sets that were widely available which included action figures as standard as a way to entice folks to buy items that may well not have sold as well had they not been offered due the the limited playability of some of them.

Palitoy Land of the Jawas - included a Palitoy-a or sometimes though rarely Sw-a PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Jabbas Dungeon playset 1st issue, 8D8/Nicto & Klaatu Skiff in ESB-c baggies PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Jabbas Dungeon playset 2nd issue, Barada,EV-9D9 & Amanaman in ESB-c's PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Cloud City playset, Lobot/Dengar/Han Bespin & Ugnaught ESB-d's PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES




Rebel Command Center (Adventure Set) At-At Commander & Luke Hoth in ESB-d with R2 sensorscope in ESB-c PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


IMGP8115 - Copy.jpg

Sy Snootles & the Rebo Band, there is a tri logo & a Kenner version available with baggies, one version with Black vertical font Palitoy baggies, the much more common version having no text baggies PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Not sure how many variations there are for this set exactly (blister pack aside), but below is the one I have seen most frequently with everything together in a larger bag with the black font, "possibly" the same size & type baggie used for the woolies 99p 8 packs - speculation ??



Hoth Adventure POTF Line, Luke Hoth & Han Hoth usually in Palitoy-a's or Palitoy-u baggies, oddly usually one in each type, but can be either in each type, though I have to date never seen a set with both the figures in the same baggies IE both A's or U's PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Hoth Playpack.jpg

Endor Chase POTF line, 2 X Biker Scout/Wicket & Leia Poncho, have seen this set with various baggies types & can not confirm exactly which are correct, but are Palitoy baggies either Black Vertical or Blue Horizontal font. PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES

Additional (4.10.21) - So now I have seen this set with 2 main configurations in terms of baggies included in the set

1. Leia Ponch - black vertical font baggie, sometimes open 1 end, sometimes taped & the same font as a kenner ROTJ-j, but a Palitoy issue, this baggie is to dat unclassified in the guide(s)

2. Wicket in Kenner ROTJ-c or more likely ROTJ-h

3. BS's in either Palitoy-u or kenner ROTJ-h

These were found in a larger tape sealed baggie, we assume they could be the same size baggies used for the woolies 99p 8 packs but are unable to 100% confirm this




Ewok Combat Catapult POTF Line, has been found with all baggies & a mix of baggies & folded over MOC's included & now also with all carded, there seems to have been very little in the form of consistency by the time these were issued, not sure of baggie type, but assume Palitoy's PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES sadly no other images of the ones with baggies in as yet - if you have one please do LMK


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Popys from Japan

Huge thanks to Yogi & Chris Simmons for all the help with detailed photos & information for this section.

Released for the Japanese market, these great looking single figure packs came with 2 little leaflets & a baggie in them, the artwork on the boxes makes for a stunning display piece & are becoming hugely popular with at least 2 fett's knowing to have been sold in the last year for seemingly astronomical value for what is a box with a baggie in.

They are considered to have come with the baggies in the detailed list you can find a little further down the post, sadly only 15 figures out of the line made it to the Japanese market to be released under the Popy brand in these boxes, the rest were MOC's, each came with a token on one of the bottom flaps for redeemable offer for their sister line (Japanese world heroes), these are more often than not missing & can drastically affect the value of them even though its not something that's visible when they are displayed (always the little things)


Catalog showing the figures available PHOTOS FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


Counter top popy display sales box PHOTOS FROM GOOGLE IMAGES








Displayed showing baggies PHOTO COURTESY OF YOGI

List of figures with their known baggies that have been found to date

1. Boba Fett - ESB-A/ ROTJ-J / SW-B/ SW-D

2. Darth Vader - ESB-C & SW-A

3. R2-D2 - ESB-C

4. C-3PO - ESB-C

5. Luke Bespin - ESB-D

6. Han Hoth - ESB-D

7. Chewbacca - ESB-C

8. Luke Farmboy - ESB-C

9. Han Solo (fat head)- SW-A

10. Snowtrooper- ESB-D

11. DSD - ESB-C

12. Hoth Rebel - ESB-D

13. Luke X-Wing - ESB-C

14. R5-D4 - ESB-C & SW-A

15. Stormtrooper ESB-C

It is worth noting that the ESB era figure ones that have come directly from Japan have all been found to contain the ESB-d baggies.

I will be including some of the known variation below as & when I get images -


ESB-a (2nd issue) Fett - Photo courtesy of Chris Eddleman though I am not convinced the 2nd issue ESB-a baggie is correct, from what we know to date it should be the 1st issue ESB-a


SW-d - Photo courtesy of Chris Eddleman


ROTJ-j - Photo courtesy of Chris Eddleman

Chris S 1.jpg

Chris S 6.jpg

Chris S 3.jpg

Chris S 13.jpg

Chris s16.jpg

Chris s 9.jpg

Chris S 7.jpg

Chris S 4.jpg

Chris S 14.jpg

Chris S 12.jpg

Chris S 10.jpg

Chris S 8.jpg

Chris S 5.jpg

Chris S 2.jpg

Chris S 15.jpg

Chris S 11.jpg

Above you will find a great group shot & then individual photos of each of the popys from that shot which are part of the great collection of Chris Simmons

World Hero Cases Chris Simmons .png

These are the Japanese world heroes figure cases that you could send off for with the POP's from the popy flaps, apparently ou sent them in & were then enerted in to some form of lottery to be able to win one of the cases, the details are a little hazy as it's all written in Japanese, but some more details soon to follow, Photo Courtesy of Chris Simmons

Japanese heroes Chris Simmons.jpg

OK so they are not Star Wars, but I feel the sister line of the Japanese world heroes really deserves a little mention, they were also released in similar boxes & there were as you can see a run of 21 available, they came as lose figures in the box rather than in baggies (may have to remove them now 😂 ) & came with the yellow and black Japanese hero mini catalogs.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Simmons
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Other Promotional Stuff from Around The World & End of toy line /dead stock items

During the life of the toy line, many baggies were offered in a variety of formats, some to reduce costs for the collector on a budget, some to promote other products for sale & some just to get rid of overstock, this is IMO one of the most interesting areas of baggie collecting & also some of the rarest baggie related items available or should I say unavailable, it would be killer to add some of these items to the collection in the coming years, sadly I know many are out of reach to us mere mortal collectors & the playground of the rich & famous.

Meccano red sticker baggies - not much I know about these TBH bar they were offered as a free "gift" for customers who bought a vehicle & were displayed in a counter top box (as shown below) over in france I believe in the ROTJ era as most of the figures that have been seen in them appear to be from the later issued ROTJ line, they came in a cardboard counter top filler box with catalogs, these are quite rare to say the least, some great info from Joe on these - thanks buddy!



Close up of the sticker -


Some photos of ones that have been found below -



Couple of promotional items up next, firstly the free figure offer from the glue manufactured UHU, all figures offered as far as I am aware to date were Ewoks & there were a few figures available, most came loose in the blister pack, but at least the Teebo has been found within the pack still sporting its Kenner baggie PHOTO COURTESY OF Stormtrooper37 -

Peter Meteenp meccanon free offer vehicles.jpg

Rather insane run of vehicles & play sets put together by Peter Meteenp & inclusion courtesy of him, i felt the file really needed to be shown large to appreciate it.

UHU Stic


Additional photos courtesy of Robert Heron


Colgate Spanish offer -

Next up this has to be the rarest of the rare items known to exist & from what I understand (to date) there is only the one complete example in existence which is owned by Steve Sansweet, oddly enough when speaking about this piece he admitted he has no recollection of how it came into his possession, it has a Bib Fortuna in it, though it is not quite clear if it is bagged or lose, due to its rarity & no other known examples having surfaced it is unclear if all the figures available on the back of the pack were available through this Colgate offer over in Spain or if they were all in baggies or loose figures, though I have a hunch they would all have been bagged due to the weapons & accessories coming loose otherwise, 1st image below shows a repro box flat photo of ones they gave out at the Spanish talk over at CE2 in essen (2014) which I was lucky enough to get one of as I atened the talk, I hope to make this up & add a baggie to it in future, which I will post photos of if I ever manage to get round to it (2021 - still not got round to it yet, oh procrastination)-


& Below what I think is Steve Sansweet's one, but can not confirm this.



Another (empty) example that's turned up since the above & for a different type of toothpaste, it is speculated that 3 different toothpaste types were included in the Colgate free figure promotion, no example of the 3rd type has surfaced as far as I am aware -


Woolies 8 packs - Woolies 8 figure 99 pence offer bags, these were overstock bought up by the Woolworths chain directly from Palitoy right at the end of the the toy line when production ceased & palitoy were looking to offload their remaining stock, it is not 100% clear if they were bagged up in store by Woolworths but it is the most likely option with the large plain black & white offer sticker which is very similar to the 49p mini rig offer price tags & large vehicle 4.99 offer stickers, they usually came with a total jumble of figures, some with weapons & accessories, others with just the lose figures, some with figures & incorrect weapons & accessories, some but few still turn up with individual baggies in them (palitoy issue baggies frequently Palitoy-i's) but have been found with many palitoy baggie types like the ones pictured below, some have even cropped up with every figure in a baggie, though I am highly skeptical about these after the Bill Rodgers scandal, he was known to have faked these so be very cautious if looking to buy one, he used overstock brand new Palitoy-a type baggies, so if there are baggies in the pack or all baggies in the pack & are all Palitoy-a ones, I would avoid them at all costs, an interesting side note is that this is the only known source of POTF figures in baggies bar the few know kenner examples, all examples to date of these have been n Palitoy baggies.

Additional after the woolworth baggies investigation thread by Laurence Deyer - after a lot of searching & trying to track down any/all known examples of sealed & open (fake & authentic) woolies baggies it was deemed that only 4 authentic examples that are still factory sealed have been recorded, only the 2 examples shown in the images below can be located, 90% of them out there have been confirmed fakes thanks to the likes of the fakers, I know of at least 3 individuals who have faked multiple ones, each fakers bags have some fairly obvious red flags & do not conform to known authentic examples, so in essence we can say these are among the rarest of the rare in terms of numbers known to exist for a an officially released item of the toy line.

We would assume the 2 bag styles (in line & off set fonts) are due to there having been 2 runs for the woolies baggies, one in the summer & then later a further offer in the winter.

Image included of both confirmed authentic examples of the woolies 8 packs below (empty bags) with both in line & off-set fonts.

8 pack.jpg



Takara wind up R2-D2 Display Bin - PHOTOS COURTESY OF MARK YEO



Takara wind up R2 Mark Yeo - Copy.jpg

Takara-a baggie for want of a better term, crisp bag type / tape sealed

Young Jedi Mailer offer - [ QUOTE FROM SHAWN ] something sent out by Kenner direct to children to help renew interest in Star Wars when the line was starting to die [END QUOTE] I could not really have worded it any better, thanks Shawn, I am including the below link kindly sent over to me by Shawn of this write up on the young jedi offer by written by Tom Nieheisel which goes in to great detail about this offer I know little about myself -





Below is an example of a pre sale sample pack of the young jedi mailer which from what I gather are more commonly available that the standard production ones, though neither are what one would call easy to come by courtesy of Robert Heron




Super Group tear off strip - well I have been on the hunt for one of these for many many years, having first seen something similar when I first started collecting, like the woolies 99p 8 packs these are something I presume would have been out right towards the end of the toy line in an effort to get rid of remaining stock, its a simple cardboard hanging strip which would have had 12 baggies stapled to it, 6 on each side with a special price, initially 99p per figure, but later examples were further reduced to 49p to clear stock, from what I know they were available through the woolworths chain, but may well have also cropped up in other stores with the super group header not from what I understand being a brand specific to the chain, most I have seen have been just the Emperor figure in Palitoy-a baggies, but some came with a mixture of ROTJ era figures, to date I have heard of a few other figures being offered on these strips including Rancor Keener/the ever popular Klaatu & lando Skiff, but I am assuming they would have at the time had quite a wide selection of other figures which had not sold well, I have also seen similar cardboard backing strips with 3 maybe 4 rows of figures on, again in baggies & stapled to them but without any kind of header to them, I am still not sure to this day what exactly the larger backers were for, if for onward sale in stores or for on the production line for carding I assume the latter, but I have seen enough examples turn up over the years to convince me of their authenticity, IMO a bit of a grail item for any baggie collector & one of the rarest of rare things to find in baggie collecting, infinitely rarer than say "most" multi packs.

Additional ( 6.10.21) - it has been confirmed these were more dead stock items sold on after the toy line had bomed & general sales had pretty much dried up, the company based in Sheffied were a clearance wholesaler who deal in all maner of dead stock items not just toys, they'd literally buy anything going cheap in bulk & cheaply rebrand it & distribute it to pretty much any retailer willing to buy, so these strips ended up all over the place from bric a brack stores to local corner shops & clearance outlets.




Below are 2 updated images of the strip I own (same one as shown above) which I have since put back together / completed, all baggies are sealed & correct & the only non vintage part of it are the staples used to put the baggies back on the strip, it was a tough choice in all fairness, either leave it as is or try to make it as it should be, I am happy with my choice though I am sure some purists will think otherwise, sadly these are so damn rare that I doubt there would ever be another opportunity to add a complete example to the collection, this was a real labor of love & not an easy fix, but I am really happy with how it displays now.

IMGP3851 - Copy.JPG
IMGP3850 - Copy.JPG
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Shipping Cases

An area not of huge interest to most but one I am truly fascinated by as they are so stupidly rare they have to be only available in palitoy VCJ numbers :lol:

Baggies & single figure mailers like most of the Star Wars toy line items were shipped overseas in cardboard outers, 99.9% of these were discarded & destroyed after the shops/factory removed the toys within, there are many size & shape variations to them (no not round ones) as well as a variation in numbers of figures/mailers included in the cases, many came with 200 figures like the Luke jedi (green saber) one & the know C-3p0 Removable Limb's type, but there is word of 500 figure overstock baggie shipping cases, Kenner Darth Vader no text baggies to be precise, some of the single figure mailers like the Palitoy Emperor one only had 144 mailers in it, odd number though :? & further to that odd number point, a little tit bit of odd information I deem worthy of inclusion - I managed to obtain some sealed palitoy emperor mailers as I had intended to try & make the shipping case fill, to my dismay when I tried to fill it just the other day, I found that the others I just got are in fact 2mm wise than the ones I already had, so they will not bloody fit in the shipper as it was a very tight squeeze with the ones it came with (huge bummer), but this brings up the question - were there other size shipping cases for these mailers, either slightly large boxes to still sport 144 mailers, or maybe even larger outers with say 200 count in them, maybe smaller with 100, I guess this is a mute point as I can't see more turning up, but if you hear of one, please do LMK so the info can be added to the guide.

Kenner Jabba the hutt, technically a baggie as well even though not a sealed one, came in one with just 24 pieces obviously due to his waistline :lol: presumably the rest of the playset & parts came in separate shipping cases?

It is rumoured that some of the more readily available baggies came in these shipping cases like the At-St driver & B-Wing pilot & the ever present jabba's Pipe & bowl set/Salacious Crumb's EDIT 32/9/15 Pipe & Bowl shipper located please see below, but it's just speculation to date as I have not been able to find any hard evidence to confirm nor disprove this theory.




Jabba the Hutt 24 piece case, most readily available baggie shipping case known to my understanding, I have seen several of them including full ones, note the baggies were always open one end (un sealed) with black "made in hong kong" font -




Kenner Luke Jedi 200 figure case, the worlds only known example to date, baggie type included was ROTJ-h





ROTJ-c R.L 3p0 Andrew Neo.jpg

C-3p0 Removeable Limbs Baggie Shipping case - (ROTJ-c) 200 count, one of if not the most easy baggie to find as numerous examples of this shipping case have turned up, think I must have the worst one out there as its beat to hell, but I have one & am thankful I do, interestingly this one has a airline shipping sticker on it.






Palitoy Emperor single figure mailer shipping case 144 count with plain white box & no flyer for the figures like its Kenner counterpart, but the white box outer is the exact same dimensions as the Kenner one, palitoy single figure mailers as I have said earlier in the guide are a bit of a missing link, until I was lucky enough to almost accidentally stumble across this shipping case, I had been chasing the seemingly non existent mythical palitoy version for several years, never having seen one, its Kenner counterpart ( the individual mailers that is) crop up week in week out on ebay, though I have never once seen a shipping case available for them one now shown on the guide as of 2.6.23, the palitoy version above had 2 baggie types through the offer period in these mailers, Palitoy-a & Palitoy-n.

EmperorMailer2 - Copy.jpg

EmperorMailer3 - Copy.jpg

EmperorMailer4.jpg Chris Arbizzani - Copy.jpg

EmperorMailInJan17-1 - Copy.jpg click to expand

Kenner Emperor single figure mailer shipping case 144 count with plain white box & catalog, it's a pleasure to finally see & be able to share an example of this shipping case which I had hoped there would be an example of remaining, it's interesting to see the count number is the same as my own Palitoy example shown above, from speaking with Chris regarding these, there were a LOT & I do mean a LOT of these available in overstock / dead stock form, with him having a clear memory of handling at least 50 complete cases of them back in 1991, no wonder the market is still as good as saturated with these, these like the Palitoy ones came with 2 different baggie types in them, those being ESB-c & ROTJ-c, info & photos courtesy of Chris Arbizzani



Jabba the Hutt, pipe/bowl & slave Leia restraints sets Shipping case (100 count) oddly these came with no printed markings on the boc outer like other shippers, just a hand written description, which leads me to wonder if they were shipped several boxes at a time in a larger box outer, which may have been printed with codes etc on, though I have never heard of one PHOTO OF SEALED CASE COURTESY OF - Kevin Bletsoe




Palitoy Nien Numb single figure mailer shipping case - same as the emperor one above, but 200 count & again with plain white overstock boxes, baggie confirmed to have been issued in these in these shippers was Palitoy-a, but some mailed out examples have been found with an alternate Palitoy baggie, same as the ones issued as standard in Holland for their version of the mailer


SWvAT-STdriverKBcaseA-4 - Copy.jpg

Kenner At-St Driver baggie shipping case (200 count) finally managed to confirm my suspicions about these, photo courtesy of Thomas Derby & Chris Arbirzzani, thanks to Chris is it now 100% confirmed the baggie type included was ROTJ-c as suspected

combine_images (2).jpg

Ebay pic.jpg


R2 ESB-c sensorscope 200 count shipper, note there is no mention of the word "bagged" anywhere on the box, but it is confirmed to be a baggie shipper, baggie included was the ESB-c Photo Courtesy of Todd G
The figures were neatly packed in layers, 40 per layer and 5 layers. Small pieces of cardboard were placed between each layer.
The above additional image (showing layer divider) & information Courtesy of Chris Arbizzani



Han Trench Coat Shipper - Photos Courtesy of Andy Raymond ok so they are loose figures not baggies, but too cool not to include



Prune Face Shipper - Photos Courtesy of Andy Raymond, assumed loose figures again as no mention of the word "bagged" EDIT 3.3.23 it has now been confirmed this shipper as well as some others had no mention of the word "bagged" but is confirmed to have contained ESB-a 2nd issue Prune face baggies (photo included), this conformation is courtesy of Chris Arbizzani



ROTJ-f B-Wing Pilot Andrew Neo.jpg

B-Wing Pilot 200 count baggie shipping case (Kadar) with ROTJ-f baggie, fantastic to be able to add another shipper to this section as well as to my collection.

KennerBagLukeHothShipper-3 - Copy.jpg

KennerBagLukeHothShipper-2 - Copy.jpg

KennerBagLukeHothShipper-4 - Copy.jpg

It is with great pleasure I am finally able to add a shipping case for the ESB era figures, this one as you can see differes from the ROTJ era one somewhat, it also states "consumer relation parts" which may indicate it was intended for the replacement parts / we really do care program, obviously that is speculation, but it is interesting, baggie included was the ESB-d baggie, these suffer from yellowing on the white parts of the figure which is down to a chemical reaction with the 2 plastic types, the owner of this pack who had it from way back direct from Kenner as dead stock, has confirmed that even way back then as fairly new there was evidence on the figures of this reaction/yellow process, photos courtesy of Chris Arbizzani
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Early Bird 4 Packs

Huge thanks to Mark Yeo for his contributions in this section.

I don't think this set needs much in way of introduction, as most will know this was the first way kids could get their hands on the toys from the films, being a mail away promotion of the 4 four available figure, which came with stands (pegs) & various paperwork shown below, there were a great many variations within these packs including baggie types (SW-a white text large font & small font & no no font/SW-b/SW-c/SW-d) & two catalog types.

Non Dt Set Large catalog Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo




DT Set Small Catalog - Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo





Small catalog reverse side -


Transition set with luke DT in the much rarer SW-g baggie, this one is with a large catalog - Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo -



Large catalog revers side -


A EB set sporting all SW-a baggies - PHOTO FROM GOOGLE IMAGES


DT SET with Luke in SW-f baggie, so another variation with this Set, I wonder if this is the one folks have been classing as SW-b? PHOTO COURTESY OF ALEX PARDI comes with small catalog, baggie types - Chewi in SW-b /Leia in SW-f /Luke in SW-f (DT) / R2 in SW-a


Set shown complete with the Early Bird mail in promo paperwork / certificate pakage


A few photos below from the Uncle Ron find including X-Rays of sealed sets -



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ESB full colour 6 packs

Just a few more packs here, a couple that were included in sets & 2 that were available from stores as is

ESB Yellow 6 Pack, one of 2 ESB 6 packs available from stores here in the UK as well as in the states as I gather, this one came with all figures in ESB-a 1st issue baggies & where the green snake yoda baggie can be found - PHOTO COURTESY OF MARK YEO



ESB Red 6 Pack, all baggies in this pack were ESB-c small font type - PHOTO COURTESY OF MARK YEO



Photo of my pack with the baggies -
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FAKES – what to look out for & how best to avoid getting stung on your baggie collecting journey.

I would like to dedicate this section to Bill Rodgers, otherwise unaffectionately known as Billy Boy scum bucket filth of the earth Rodgers.

In this section I aim to try & tackle a few of the hurdles in the baggie collecting field, there are (as with anything of value) many fakes circulating in the market, some very easy to spot, some not so.

The most commonly faked baggie in existence has to be the ROTJ-c baggie which is basically the same as a ESB-c but with green/grey text rather than bright blue, the reason for this being the most faked bag bar none is IMO purely due to the fact that not hundreds but thousands of removeable limbed 3PO's have been unearthed over the years, many 200 figure shipping cases turned up & it is IMO these baggies that are more often than not used to "rebag" figures I.E opening the tape seal & inserting a more expensive & desirable figure in its place, 99 times out 100 these are easy to spot due to several factors, the first being – did this figure ever come in that baggies type??, not many figures have been found in the ROTJ-c baggie so be cautious when looking to buy a figure coming in this baggie type!, I will go into tape seals/reseals further down the post & cover what you will need to look for to easily spot a fake no matter how well it has been done.


Here is an example of a genuine ROTJ-c baggie R.L 3p0 & below a fake example of a DIY made Hollow tubes tusken raider in resealed baggie, note the baggie & figure can now both be classed as fakes FYI no hollow tubes variant of this figure has ever been found in any type.


Close up of faked hollow tubes -


2nd most commonly faked baggie award has to go to the Kenner Super Powers range of figures which were also produced by kenner for vintage figures, but are clearly not the same as their star wars equivalents, the most obvious of which is they are much much wider than the ESB-a baggies (version 2 / later issue) they aim to imitate, ESB-a baggies are always heat sealed, so if you see this style baggie with a tape seal it is undoubtedly a fake, these crop up with great frequency, some are on ebay now as I type this out, they are used the same as the ROTJ-c I spoke of as are available in great numbers & are not expensive, the only baggie style they IMO actually come close to is the POTF A & B baggie which came with last 17 figures in the later (2nd) issue version of the Jabba's Dungeon playset, but those are a crisp baggies & these fake super powers ones are of a soft & quite thick material.


A super powers baggie with the correct figure in.


Faked blue snag baggie in the same super powers baggie, FYI Blue Snag was only ever issued in a single baggie type, that being the SW-c -


& another prime example of a faked super powers baggie here, this time a Squid Head heat sealed rather than taped example.


An image with a selection of super powers range figure shown alongside their opened baggies

fake super powers baggies 2.jpg

fake super powers baggies 3.jpg

A good sellection of star wars fakes in super bowers rebags - AVOID these.


& IMO another prime example os a similar but not identical baggie type (note the slightly lighter font & marginally narrow baggie), I am sure the owners of these would argue the point, this one is actually shown on the SWCA as a genuine baggie, but IMO on consideration of all the facts at hand I would say it is a fake & not the genuine article, all trace back to a single find at a toy fair from the same seller with quetionable history.

Next would have to be the ESB-h no text large baggies, not so often seen faked, but they are out there, it does not help that the genuine ESB-h baggies have multiple incarnations (see linked thread) - & the fact there can be quite some variation in the seals on these as IMO these were haistly made as a substitute stand in baggie for shortfalls on order (speculation), though as with other fakes, if you follow a few ground rules a fake should be something easy enough to spot to the trained eye, I have even seen sandwich bags heat sealed up being peddled as ESB-h baggies, so caution is again always advised when buying ESB-h style baggies.


The above is what is considered to be a faked ESB-h, but with so many showing up they could also easily be kenner dead/overstock baggies (debateable considering the souce), either done directly by Kenner or at a later date by whomever bought up the remaining dead stock, either way it's not a correct ESB-h baggie, & below a jenuine ESB-h baggie, the other incarnations used to be shown here, but have all singe been alloted their own classifications to save further confusion, these can all be seen on this sister guide -




A few examples of authentic Standard ESB-h above ☝️including a weapons error example, the ESB-h was the most common kenner baggie type to be found with weapons errors included.

Next contender is the ESB-c baggie, again as it's one that is very commonly available, purely due to the fact it's the most commonly used Kenner baggie in the toy line with a great many figures coming in the baggie type, I have seen them with figure swaps many a time, with re taped or heat sealed in an attempt to pass them off as the next issue ESB-d baggie which is identical to the ESB-c (large font type), only difference obviously is that one came taped the other heat sealed.

I don't actually have any faked ESB-c baggies or photos on file sadly, but do have the next best thing, this is a Palitoy-a baggie ( the palitoy equivalent of the ESB-c), which is clearly a fake, this one traces directly back to Bill Rodgers (Mr King of faked baggies) & is obviously a fake/rebagged figure, as on close inspection you can clearly see some residual blue tack on the weapon inside the baggie where at some point it must have been displayed lose & the bluetack used to keep the weapon secure in hand.



Below a genuine ESB-c -



On close inspection in good natural lighting (daylight) most fakes can be spotted with a little bit of deductive reasoning & a sharp eye for detail, ask yourself the following questions if you think you have a baggie that could be a possible fake -


1. Does the heat seal look right?

2. Is the heat seal messy & disjointed

3. is the bag the same length as other confirmed legitimate examples of this baggie style/type?

4. Do both the heat seals conform to other legit examples of this baggie type – 95% of the time they should do, it is very seldom I have seen an exception to the rule

5. is the font the correct size/colour & print style as a know legit example?

6. Also look at the side seals of the baggie, does it look like it may have been reduced in width & resealed (super powers baggies)


1. is the tape clean clear? Obviously some yellow, but it is too clear if there is such a thing?

2. The tape ends – do they conform to know ones, ie the cut pattern of how the tape was broken – there are many many variations so always look

3. tape width – may seem obvious, but have you checked the tape width is correct?

4. Tape slip – this is where the tape seal has actually moved over time due to environmental (heat & cold) & storage issues & the passing of time, though tape slip is a known factor, is there too much tape slip or is the tape slip going in a different direction to the actual seal??

5. particulates under the main portion of the tape seal – if there is anything in between the tape on either top or bottom portion of the seal (fluff/hair/dirt/dust etc) then it's almost a given fact the baggie has at some point been opened & resealed, it is normal to often find all sorts of residue round the edges of tape as well as in the gap between top (main bit of bag) & bottom (folded over portion) of the baggie if there is a gap as there is sometime.

6. Creases & folds in the baggie where the seal is or directly under it, which would indicate the baggie has been tampered with in terms of it's width or length reduced to be resealed.

7. creases & pick marks in the baggie at the edges of the seal or close to it – has it got any? If so this is a sure sign someone has been carefully trying to lift a previous seal

8. secondary tape seal residue, look closely as sometime you can see where a previous tape seal was & has been removed.

Heat seal VS tape seal - the baggie you are looking to buy - did it ever come with the seal type is is being offered up for sale with?? if not walk away.

Is the weapon & or accessory genuine? & of the correct style colour for the period in which the baggie type was produced?

Contrary to what the SWCA baggie guide states ( I am not kocking their guide here, just pointing out what I have confirmed to be true), most heat sealed baggies do NOT have the same kind of heat seal at the top & the bottom of the baggies, just check one's you have & know are genuine & you will see what I mean - (I have lots of respect for that guide just do not think this point they state about top & bottom heat seals is correct)

Is the coo of the figure correct for the baggie?? I.E a Made in hong Kong figure in a China baggie, if this is the case 99% of the time it's a sure sign it's a fake, but not always, there have been some exceptions to this rule, I have seen blank bar (china or for some Ewoks no coo) figures in genuine palitoy issue baggies which have Hong Kong on them, but it is not a common thing & very few genuine examples like this have surfaced & were likely never general issue baggie but staff shop clearance items)
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OTHER FAKE BAGGIES SEEN TO DATE - - again a work in progress



Dodgy re bagged Kenner survival kit as sold by Brian's Toys - obvious fake/rebagged stock from a mailer


ROTJ-h Fett, never known in this baggie type


Ree Yees Fake seal.jpg

Clear crisp thin baggie ree Yee's with close up of the fake perforated heat seal, thise came from the infomus Mr Galnvile


Fake fett baggie, just showed up on ebay this week (1/16)


Unknown & possible fake Zuckuss baggie


Unknown & possible fake At At Driver baggie, note the weapon is sealed in its own section below the figure


Red text side tape sealed baggies (Jeff Glanville)


One I am really on the fence about, I have seen numerous examples of this baggie, so I have sneaking suspicion they are overstock, but could also just as easily be fakes, possible kenner internal 500 count shippers? we may likely never know, but do NOT regard these as authentic / Kenner issued




Very poor attempted fake Made in china baggie, assumed the baggies are from some other toy line, though no idea which.


Again a baggie presumed used from some other toy line, this time made in taiwan baggie


Couple of poor quality fakes, note the heat seals




Several examples of Jeff Glanviles faked woolworths 8 packs, most have luckily since been removed from the acrylic & the bags opened to remove them from the hobby, well done that man!!



Billy Boy special faked woolies 8 pack with missing offer sticker


Fett mailer with incorrect & likely fake baggie & box does not look to be the correct dimensions either.


Dengar mailer with what we assume to be a fake baggie, but could be an authentic uro baggie?


Fake Han again Jeff Glanvile


Palitoy-a Tri Logo fett with Blue not blue/black blaster, 2nd example to turn up, although this one is a dark brown belt with unpainted knee, same as the one in my woolies 8 pack. UNDER INVESTIGATION - MADE IN READING BAGGIES? Since confirmed fake after investigations by both AFA & CAS


Palitoy-a Tri Logo fett with what is considered to be correct black blaster, but thats correct on carded, but very nice to see one turn up with a black blaster, 3rd example to turn up, although this one is a dark brown belt with painted knee & mismatched legs, note the dark brown belt, but light brown on the sides, a real oddity, someone was on the happy juice when knocking this one up PHOTO COURTESY OF kevin Bletsoe UNDER INVESTIGATION - MADE IN READING BAGGIES? Since confirmed fake after investigations by both AFA & CAS

FYI I also know of a 4th example, can't confirm what variation or gun sadly - UPDATE 10/9/15 4th example conformation below & another minor variation


Palitoy-a Tri Logo fett with what is considered to be correct black blaster, but this one has a painted dart & painted knee, dark belt. PHOTO COURTESY OF - Sheldon Wagstaffe UNDER INVESTIGATION - MADE IN READING BAGGIES? Since confirmed fake after investigations by both AFA & CAS



One of the above fett's after being removed from the fake baggie, clearly showing signs of being touched up under UV lighting

All the above tri log fetts were sold by Jeff Glanville & most if not all have since been confirmed fakes by both AFA & CAS


Droopy McCool, tri logo Black Made in Hong Kong Text baggie Fake

IMAGE SADLY LOST IN THE PHTOBUCKET/GUIDE CHANGEOVER, but was identical to the SY & Droopy ones shown

Max Rebo - tri logo Black Made in Hong Kong Text Fake


Sy Snootles tri Logo Made in Hong Kong

All 3 of the above Rebo Bang baggies came from Jeff Glanville & no examples can be confirmed elsewhere & looking at the font closely they are obviously fake, they failed the "tape test"


Probot version 2 - Not sure on these myself, but many have cropped up, no allocated baggie type for this, but same font arrangement as a Kenner


Probot version 3 UNCONFIRMED a baggies I have just been made aware of, I have never seen another like it so sadly can not confirm its authenticity but, the backstory 'quote" - picked it up at a market stall in the barras market in Glasgow . Which was in a box of star wars parts lone ranger stuff and a few other old toys games etc. The seller said it was from the stuff she bought for her son and came out of one of the box sets, interesting & was bought at a fair (very very low) price, so why would the seller lie?, be great to find out further info on this baggie. PHOTO COURTESY OF - Kevin Bletsoe loads of these I have seen for sale came from Jeff Glanville & looking at the seals I am pretty confident in saying they are fakes Note the tell tale "tram line" heat seal


Dianoga (trash compactor monster) this one came in a very thick baggie similar to the ESB-h baggies but its a larger baggie with much thicker material, only available in the US Kenner issued death star play set, I have since confirmed that the dianoga came in a baggie along with the foam bits with the US Kenner issued Death star play set & NOT in a baggie like this, so I am assuming this is an overstock figure that was either bagged at the factory for onward sale as overstock or done at a later date for onward sale by whomever bought up the overstock, as the guy I bought this off has several of these he purchased in bulk many years ago from the states, as such it is unconfirmed & must untill further provenance is found be classed as a possible FAKE - most examples if not all have come from Jeff Glanville so I am assuming they are indeed fake

Marc C Palitoy-r_zpsvoaee7sh.jpg

Ex Palitoy-r now confirmed FAKE - another one leading back to Jeff
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Pre-production / Q.C sign Offs & internal Sample Related Bagged & Items



QC Sign off Sample Barada COURTESY OF Derek Ho


Signed QC sample Made in Macau baggie (Euro-a)


Signed QC sample - Euro-i baggie - COURTESY OF BROC WALKER


Another Macau Euro-a Q.C signe off sample

James Gallo 1.jpg

James Gallo 2.jpg

Again a Euro-a Q.C Sign off sample - Photo Courtesy of James Gallo & the first one we can actually have a look at the card in full


Quite the exciting piece this & a bit of a missing link / void in previous thinking filler, a Q.C sign of card with Yak staff issued to palitoy to confirm going forward of the 10/06/85 that any carded yak face figures should have the staff included, this also seems to stretch over to baggies, interestingly this time in a Palitoy-i baggie which was the same baggie type palitoy issued yak faces have been found in, suspected ex Woolies 99p 8 pack stock / dead stock / overstock, Note than most POTF era Palitoy baggies are not yet covered in the guide(s)

Charles Jones.jpeg

Charles Jones 1.jpeg

Rather the rare find this, a Q.C sign off Palitoy Survival Kit mailer & I think the sole baggie related Palitoy Q.C piece I have seen, Photo Courtesy of Charles Jones


The 1st of a total of 4 known examples of Multi Packs with this signiture (more details of the signiture coming I hope) but it is a confirmed Q.C sign off, all 4 examples have the same signiture & all also sport the same red text, 3 are brown box SW era & the 4th is a white box cantina pack but again the same era



2nd example & obviously one ofmy fave packs having been the only one ever issed with the Power Droid



3rd example, again what a craking line up of figures

Iain 1.jpg

Iain 2.jpg

4th one is the cantina red text 2 pack, which see's the 4 confirmed examples now all shown on the guide at long last.

All the Red signatures are Ken Collins who was a known Q.C guy at kenner



QC Sign off ESB 4 pack COURTESY OF BROC WALKER, Q.C signiture is Don Huber who was a well known Q.C signer


QC Sign off ESB 4 pack COURTESY OF Samir Kirm - full details on this newly discovered pack in the ESB MP section (page 5)

Benjamin 2_zpsk7dkcudm.jpg


The above ESB Q.C pack shown both open & just the box (same pack code 38932)



"U.I." which is likely United Industries. That was an orient vendor.



Signiture "suspected" to be Mike Carroll who was a known kenner employee, but we know nothing more about him sadly.


Several more ESB era Q.C sign off packs, I can not 100% confirm each ones authenticity as that is not my focus area, Signiture is throught to be John Kraus who was a known Q.C signer



J slots Rocket Firing Fett - This awesome piece turned up last year & amazed everyone, it's J slots Rocket Firing Fett whith no text baggie & mailer box (internal sample) Photo Courtesy of Darrell Johnson & Brendi Burton


Unpainted General Veers in ESB-d baggie (internal sample) courtesy of Somma Christian


1st shot Luke Hoth in ESB-d - image courtesy of Gary Borbidge

CCp non production weapons pic 1.jpg

CCp non production weapons pic 2.jpg

CCp non production weapons pic 3.jpg

CCP is ESB-d baggie, assumed to be a photosample example with weapon cast in non standard couplers (black as apposed to grey) also note the pistol is a factory error (short pour) I was mortified when I missed out on this example when it went to auction a number of years ago, assumed to be a standard production figure.

at at commander FS baggie pic 1.jpg

at at commander FS baggie pic 2.jpg

1st shot General Veers (At-At Commander) sorry for the poor photos, but they are the best I have

luke FS baggie pic 1.jpg

luke FS baggie pic 3.jpg

1st shot Luke Hoth, sadly again rather poor quaalitoy images but all I have



1st shot Emperor kenner mailer

Mark Huber QC SK mailer.jpg

Q.C Sign of Survival Kit signed off by Don Huber, Photo Courtesy of Mark Huber
Broc Walker Q.C sign off Anakin.png

Q.C sign off Anakin, photo courtesy of Broc Walker

photo (1).JPG

photo (2).JPG

photo (5).JPG

We believe all the above were some form of internal kenner sample baggies found after the death of Jeanne Yvonne Sexton. who worked for Kenner for over 30 years. we can't be certain, but we "think" that she worked in the shipping department ('shipping' - unknown capacity), with some background checking she passed in 1994 at age 65 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

All the baggies were found & subsiquently sold by her grandson, 2 of the above Q.C sign off multi packs were also discoverd in the find after her death, all were no text baggies with some very unusual frosted scotch tape securing them, there were multipl baggie types & some were not even sealed, one (Klaatu) was just held together with an elastic band, we can not confirm if they were taped in house at Kenner or at a later point to keep the figures secured, a very unsual find & very much each baggie is a one of a kind / worlds only known example.


ESB toy fair sample stand - this came with 6 figures & all in SW-a small font baggies, it is speculated several other examples exist with all ESB-c baggies which are said to be sales man samples, the stand never made it to production in the end.
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Cinema Find

Here is what the guy wrote about what he knows about his great find -

"It was 39 years ago so it's hard to get the details right without finding it in writing somewhere. However I'm sure the film opened at the Westgate in May 1977, although I can't say for certain that it was May 25.

Some theaters apparently opened a couple of days later. It was an exclusive run in the Portland, OR market, no other theaters in that market could play it as long as we were running it. I think that may be why we kept it running so long, to exclude other theaters from playing it. The owner, Tom Moyer had a brother Larry who also owned a theater chain in Portland, and they were bitter, bitter competitors.

When I entered the scene I believe in September 1977, it was still very busy, selling out both shows on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday matinees. We also had two other auditoriums that were busy with other films.

I remember finding the box under the counter in the box office, and asked why we had these toys. The cashier said they were given away to ticket buyers in the opening days of the film. I don't know, but it's possible they ran newspaper ads with a coupon, and something like the first 50 customers each show got a toy.

That kind of promotion was not unusual in those days, but I have no proof. Maybe with a little more research.

Today is the first time I've ever emptied the box to see what was really in there, and must say I was a bit disappointed. Instead of being a bunch of sets of four, here is the inventory: 19 of R2-D2, all wrapped 15 of Luke, one unwrapped 6 of Chewbacca, one unwrapped 2 of Leia, both wrapped I also noticed that Luke's lightsaber is extendable via a little mechanism in the back of his arm.

I am wondering if the figures in the Early Bird sets have this feature as well. The address on the box shows it didn't come directly from Kenner, but from The Maple Plains Company, Inc., One Industrial Drive, Maple Plains, MN 55359. The box also has written in felt tip pen '150 pcs Luke'.

It's possible each figure came in bulk in it's own box, and the theater just lumped them all into one at the end of the promotion.

Just from my knowledge of the movie theater business in those days, I think it unlikely that Tom Moyer Luxury Theaters would buy toys for a promotion. It's much more likely they came through the distributor, which was 20th Century Fox (or a company distributing for them). I know that when the film opened there was not any idea it would be so huge, and that's why Kenner wasn't geared up to make more toys quickly.

Below are the images of what was found, it is worth nothing this is the only known SW era shipper for baggies, though it does not state "bagged" IE a specific baggies shipping case like later examples as you can see, but these are what the figures were sent in for the promotion.












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Other cool Bulk finds over the years



imgp7948 - Copy.jpg

Box side info

imgp7949 - Copy.jpg

Box end info


The 3 Tri Logo miss cards I was lucky enough to pick up in the lot & boy did he make me haggle hard for that C-3p0, interesting thing is that although this is a well known combination for a miss carded Tri logo, it is the worlds only confirmed example to have the cargo net included, making it a little more special IMO


Maybe something of little interest to most but I love this piece, it's just the end section of a MOC shipping case for the Wequay figure, the interesting bit being how casually it had been just torn from the box to seemingly keep a tally of what figures the trader still had available & what had been sold


The whole find in the last pic

The Palitoy Emperor Mailer Shipper find

This was about 6 or so years back circa 2015, I had been searching for an example of a Palitoy issued Emperor mailer for well over 2 years with not as much as a sniff at one, they were impossible to find back then like many of the Palitoy mailer still are today, then one popped up on ebay out of the blue, life being life I missed the end of the auction & was about to cry TBH when I noticed it had gone unsold, so I messaged the seller & asked if he was going to relist the item, he did, but I then noticed it was a "bulk listing" IE 10 available, so after much back & forth asking questions I agreed to make a long drive & everything fell nicely into place.

The backstory here being his farther was a toy trader in the early 90's & what he had was the remaining stock that had long since been as good as forgotten about in the farther loft, the son was doing some work in the loft & mentioned the stuff he saw up there to his farther, who in turn said to see if the son could sell it & make a few pounds for his help on the house.

Most of the stuff was pretty run of the mill ROTJ / Tri Logo era carded figures with some mini rigs & various bits & bobs, but he had a lot of Tri Logo miss carded figures (lots) he never let on just how many, but he had been selling them for weeks on ebay, just the 2 usual candidates (Weequay on Warrok card & Weequay on Barada Card), I managed to make a fair deal with some extras to try to help cover my huge investment on the entire shipping case of Emperor mailers, as it was the shipper I was most interested in.

A 2nd find of these mailers turned up about 2 years late, no shipping case & I tried to replace the ones I had sold to fill the shipper (as it came 2 short when I bought it) it was only after buying up hundreds of pounds worth of them (maybe 30 to 40 examples) & then putting them in the shipper I discovered they were actually different in size (2mm wider to be exact), so the re-fill turned into a no go as they would not fit :confused: but that led to me inspecting them very carefully & noting they were not quite the same, one as said is 2mm wider, but the box outer white layer was also very different ( 1 being mat & the other glossy), this in mind it would indicate there were in fact different size shippers available for this mailer, likely 200 count like others, whereas mine is an odd 144 count shipper.

Another thing (nerd!) I found of interest is my 144 count had both Palitoy-a & Palitoy-n baggies all in the same shipper, so likely a box packed at a changeover time for the baggies within the mailers, most (about 90%) were Palitoy-a but the others were Palitoy-n baggies, there were also a few error baggies (1 with an unpainted hand & another with a cool font print error on the bag).

Right the 2nd find backstory - a guy had lots of overstock toys in his home, many of which (including the mailers) were tucked under the bed & had been for over 20 years, one day some cash was needed & one was opened to confirm what was in them, guy was a little shocked as he thought they were toy train parts, no idea how many were in this find, but there were a fair few.

Hence Palitoy Emperor mailers now being pretty common place, though still 100 times rarer than their Kenner counterparts, odly no shipping case for the Kenner issued Emperor mailers has ever surfaced, but I suspect they must be out there with the numbers seen.

A couple of non baggie images have been included to show what I got in the find.


IMGP8510 - Copy.JPG

Box side info, note this is the more regular 200 count type shipper

IMGP8507 - Copy.JPG

Box end info

Palitoy Nien Nunb Shipper

Backstory is again toy trader related, but this time it came from Jim Stephenson (god rest his soul), I bought this direct from Jim's son after a 18 month hard fought haggle / agreement along with a few other items including a Palitoy Fett Popy box, circa 2016, as the Emperor shipper got me really focused on baggie related shipping cases, hey who don't love 40 year old smelly cardboard boxes right?

IMGP2114 - Copy.JPG

Above showing the state of play with my Palitoy mailers at one point circa 2016/17 - oh the good old days of actually having some trade bait.



My C-3p0 shipper find, got this after a tip off from a fellow collector & pounced, glad to be able to add another battered brown box to the shipper side focus, pic of a few of the 60+ 3p0 baggies that came with it, as I gather shippers for these were very common with dead stock toy traders in the early 90's, mines in fairly rough shape with water damage, but I love it just the way it is.


Ackbar Palitoy mailer 1983 - Copy_zpslxfamj5w - Copy.jpg

A recent find that as it goes popped up here on the forum, lots of great Palitoy issued mailers, note the Dengars are not the regular ESB era issued ones but rather the end of the toy line ROTJ era as would have been sent out for the mailer slip offer (slimmer box & different baggie - Palitoy-a), see there are still cool finds to be unearthed even now.

ERG conformation.JPG

at at drivers - Copy.jpg

at at drivers - Copy (2).jpg

A fairly recent cash in the states of overstock baggies, note the At St Driver is a paint app's error baggie (which may I add I sadly missed out on grrr), Photos Courtesy of Johnpaul Ragusa also note those ERG's in that baggie type we still know pretty much nothing about



Note the 3 dengars bundled together with a single postage mark & the lone ESB-d baggie example which confirmed these were also sometimes issued with an alternative baggie.


Close up of the triple packed one


The 5 palitoy fett mailers from the find, sadly no sealed examples so we are still at the no sealed examples known stage, but this at least finally confirms 100% that the 1st issued ones palitoy sent out were with the ESB-a (1st issue) baggie type, 4 as you can see where still sealed in their baggies & the 5th was opened, 1 flyer was also included in the auction lot


The Survival kit mailers from the lot, thought to be the earlier issued ones Palitoy sent out due to the inclusion of the Kenner logo baggie, later examples have been found with the Palitoy baggie type (no Kenner logo just made in Hong Kong), I can't remember exactly how many there were in total but a fair few with I think 2 lots having come in bundle form like the dengars as you can see by the tape that held them together one bundle comprised 7 as ou can see by the address label shown in the photo.

The Astons final auction find, this was rather the insane find of a man who had passed away & left everything stored in his garage to his elderly neighbours, thankfully they met a fate more flattering than a skip & the lot ended up being auctioned off at Aston's in their final sale, this included many great palitoy single mailers shown above, the collector seemed to have been a major hoarder as he had mailers sent out to him in bulk lots, many of the carded figures in the auction (unopened) were missing name plates obviously removed for the mail in offers

photo (1).JPG

5 jawas - 2 in SW-d's & 3 in SW-f's

photo (2).JPG

6 R2's all in SW-f's

photo (3).JPG

2 Pin head han Solo's in SW-f's 1 Ben in SW-f & 1 Luke in SW-f

photo (4).JPG

3 Vaders in SW-d's

photo (5).JPG

3 Leia's in SW-f's & 2 C3P0's in SW-f's

photo (6).JPG

4 Chewbacca's all in SW'f's

photo (7).JPG

4 Stormtoopers in SW-d's & 1 DSD in SW-d

photo (7) - Copy.JPG

One of the 5 Stormtroopers was an text error baggie (SW-d but no font), bag is an exact match in terms of material type with both heat seals corresponding to the others from the find, really makes you wonder how many un-texted have just been ripped open over the years assumed to be fakes due to no provenance like this find had.

photo (9).JPG

4 Tusken Raiders 3 in SW-f's & 1 in SW-d

photo (9) - Copy.JPG

One of the Tusken's was a weapons error baggie (no gaffi stick)

photo (8).JPG

Almost lastly this line up of 4, 3 from the Cloud City set & the snag, Dengar/Lobot & Han Bespin all in ESB-d's with the Snag in SW-c

photo (10).JPG

& lastly this DSD which came in an open ended baggie, looks like an ESB-d but I can't see any text on it.

Gary Borbidge's great find from an ex kenner worker, his name was Denny Keeton and he worked in product integrity (product testing), the find in 2014 included a lot of baggies as well as many loose figures which had been used in the product integrity process at Kenner, all photos & info Courtesy of Gary Borbidge

ESB-b - Copy.jpg

The Special Offer Darth Vader Collectors Case find, this is a very cool find, sadly these all ended up on ebay being split up a few years ago, 3 full set's for the Vader/Luke/Yoda issue case & 4 set's of for the Bounty hunter case, Note that this find 100% confirmed the fact that the Bounty hunter case was also issued with the IG88 in the ESB-a rather than ESB-b baggie, the case was the only time this baggie type was ever issued (ESB-b that is), so this baggie type is extreamly rare for any of the 3 figures included as it's one of the rarest of all known production items, but the IG88 infinitely more so due to not always being included in the set, the last example to pop up for sale went in excess of $2k 😲 it is worth noting that there were no actual cases offered for sale by the seller at the time & these are thought to have been excess overstock from the offer.


A bit of an obscure one next, a group of multi packs that turned up in one of the final Sellersville Auctions, possibly their final one, all were shall we say less than perfect as you can see, many had started to de-laminate & all had some serious water damage issues, luckily one of the nicest guys in the hobby picked them up & I know he has been doing good deed's making gifts of these to collectors on a budget so huge big up to the ever gracious Shane carter, you sir are what makes this hobby what it should be!, our own Michael Sith is the proud custodian of a couple of them & has done a fantastic job of breathing new life in to tired cardboard, Photo Courtesy of Shane Carter maybe not everyone's idea of a grail find, but dang beaters need love to! & I think this is just an awesome find.

Cedar 1 - Copy.jpg

Cedar 2 - Copy.jpg

Cedar 3 - Copy.jpg

A new & exciting find from just this year (2021) from New Zealand of all places, oodles of Logray baggies, in ROTJ-e's & ESB-h baggies, no real detail is known about the find bar it's thought to be overstock that was never sold, Find & Photos Courtesy of Jesse Cedar Soberman

s-l1600 - Copy.jpg

s-l1600 (1) - Copy.jpg

Lovely find of Anakin baggies that was just rescued from going to the waste tip, apparently they have been in storage in a garage in Bishopbriggs (Glasgow) Scotland for over 20 years & just popped up on ebay recently (2/2023) there were 180 of them in total & I suspect these were likely stock intended for the ROTJ era Anakin mailer promotion which never saw the light of day.

IMG_0839-1 - Copy.JPG

Image & information courtesy of Oliver Wichmann

Some history from Oliver Wichmann below -

In the early 1990's (I can't remember the actual year) we would go to Fiiey and Scarborough in North Yorkshire during the summer holidays with our young daughter, The weather was often wet and foggy, so we'd be going around the arcades and gift shops to pass the time. It was then whilst looking through a gift/toy shop, that I spotted a basket full of what looked like Star Wars figures. I took a closer look and pulled out the top one – an Emperor in a baggie, next a Dangar &8D8 followed by another 5 Emperors and 4 Bib Fortunas. By now I was so excited that I got a basket and began to fill it with more Bibs,Rancor Keepers, 8D8s and finally 5 Rombas. I ended up with all the below in total -

10 x Emperor (Macau Euro-a)

6 x Bib Fortuna (Macau Euro-a)

5 x Romba (Palitoy-i)

5 x Dengar (Euro-b Dark Armor / pale face PBP figure)

4 x Rancor Keeper (Macau Euro-a)

3 x 8D8(Macau Euro-a)

A total of 33 baggies.

I didn't know much about their value but knew that Romba was a last 17 which I did not have at the time.

The price label said £0.50 per figure and when I got to the till I asked if there was a deal to be had as I wanted to buy them all. We settled on £8.00 for the lot!

Eventually life got in the way and I had to store my collection from 1998 till 2023.

That year I joined Echo Base and started looking for figures I was still missing as well as getting values for what I had. I had sold off 3 of the Rombas on eBay a few years ago – not sure for how much, but seemed a good price at the time.

If anyone has any questions I can forward them on to Oliver who said he'd be happy to answer them.

Additional & very important information - this find really cements the fact that last 17 figures could be found in Palitoy baggies & also confirms that at least some of them came in the Palitoy-i baggies, this really is a nice bit of information & history.
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Bulk finds Continued














Note the weapons error
















Note the unpainted foot, so not only the only confirmed example of this baggie, but also an error baggie - insanely cool!











Laurence Dyers incredible C3P0 Case find, Laurence certainly fell on his feet with this little lot, apparently a guy that's had them as well as a lot of other palitoy stuff buried in the depths of his loft since the 80's, as I understand it he had a friend that worked at the Palitoy factory & would bring things round for him, which all ended up in long term storage, I assume the remainder is likely still sat there in the loft just waiting for the right time ( Hint hint Loz ;) )

There were some insanely rare baggies in this find, so rare in fact that many are in fact the worlds only known/confirmed examples of the figure/baggie combo, now that's about as rare as anything in the hobby I'd say, I was lucky to add a few to my own collection when Laurence finally decided to part with some, these included 3 Kenner examples which were never on general issue in the states, thought to be baggies intended for carding & never made it that far, this clearly demonstrates that many baggies we do not know/have not encountered may well still be out there even for Kenners which I find stupidly exciting, all 3 were in ROTJ-h baggies & although the figures were issued in multi packs, they were never offered in any in this baggie type.

I will have to add a link to the thread of the find for more info.

meccano baggies - Copy - 3 Copy - Copy.jpg

Insane find a few years back from a guy called Roland that worked at Meccano over in France, the below images are just a portion of the find that Franck picked up, there seem to be a couple of baggies in his lot with alternate bag types which I will get covered in the single baggies section, there were also a lot of other items in the find including carded/vehicles & plush toys, Photos Courtesy of Dorothée Drouin Franck Gada


& whilst we are no the subject of Meccano finds, here's a fantactic haul of Fabrice's from a couple of years ago with some insanely rare baggies, Photo Courtesy of Andrew Neo
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Baggie Guide Index By Page / Post Number

Post count will be numbered & this index list will always be bumped down (when new sections are added) so it is the final section of the guide making it easier to find as well as (I hope) easier to navigate the guide(s) as they are getting fairly extensive now.

Page 1 –

1 - Intro with links to other guides & useful pages
2 - 2-1b
3 - 4-Lom
4 - 8-d8
5 - Admiral Ackbar
6- Amanaman
7- Anakin
8 - At At Commander
9 - At At Driver
10 -At St Driver
11 - B-Wing Pilot
12 - Barada
13 - Ben – Obi Wan
14 - Bespin Security Guard (Black)
15 - Bespin Security Guard (White)
16 - Bib Fortuna
17 - Biker Scout
18 - Boba Fett
19 - Bossk
20 - C-3P0 (Fixed Limbs)

Page 2 -

21 - Chewbacca
22 - Chief Chirpa
23 - Cloud Car Pilot
24 - Darth Vader
25 - Death Squad Commander
26 - Death Star Droid
27 - Dengar
28 - Emperors Royal Guard
29 - Ev-9d9
30 - FX-7
31 - Gamorrean Guard
32 - General Madine
33 - Greedo
34 - Hammerhaed
35 - Han Sold (Bespin)
36 - Han Sold original (Fat & Pin Heads)
37 - Han Solo (Hoth)
38 - Han Solo (Trench Coat / Endor)
39 - Hoth Rebel Commander
40 - Hoth Rebal Soldier

Page 3 -

41 - IG88
42 - Imperial Commander
43 - Imperial Hoth Trooper
44 - Jawa
45 - Klaatu
46 - Klaatu (Skiff)
47 - Lando (Skiff)
48 - Lando (Bespin)
49 - Leia (Bespin)
50 - Leia (Boushh)
51 - Leia (Hoth)
52 - Lei (Organa)
53 - Leia (Poncho/Endor)
54 - Lobot
55 - Logray
56 - Luke (Bespin)
57 - Luke (Farm Boy)
58 - Luke (Hoth)
59 - Luke (Jedi)
60 - Luke (X-Wing Pilot)

Page 4 -

61 - Nien Nunb
62 - Nikto
63 - Papaloo
64 - Power Droid
65 - Prune Face
66 - R2-D2 (Solid Top)
67 - R2-D2 (Sensor-scope)
68 - R5-D4
69 - Rancor Keeper
70 - Rebel Commando
71 - Ree Yee's
72 - C-3P0 (Removable Limbs)
73 - Snaggletooth (Red & Blue)
74 - Squid Head
75 - Stormtrooper
76 - Teebo
77 - The Emperor
78 - Tie Fighter Pilot
79 - Tusken Raider
80 - Ugnaught

Page 5 -

81 - Walrusman
82 - Weequay
83 - Wicket
84 - Yoda
85 - Zuckuss
86 - Lumat
87 - Other Known Baggies
88 - Part 2 Single Figuer Mailers/Mail Aways
89 - Palitoy Issued Mailers
90 - Clipper Issued Mailers (Holland/Belgium)
91 - Toltoys Issued Mailers (Australia)
92 - Kenner Issued Mailers (USA/Canada)
93 - POCH/PBP issued Mailers (Spain) & tagged in Harbert issued Mailer (Italy)
94 - Star Wars early issue brown & white box Multi Packs (intro)
95 - White Box (Cantina Packs) Multi Packs (Star Wars Era Issued)
96 - Brown Box Multi Packs (Star Wars Era Issued)
97 - The Empire Strikes Back Issued Multi Packs
98 - ROTJ Era Issued Multi Packs (Intro)
99 - Return of the Jedi issued Multi packs with Sub section (POTF Era Issued)
100 - Special Offer Items (Vehicles & Play-Sets)
Sub Sections -
A - GDE/Bi Logo (Canadian Issue)
B – Kenner (USA Issued)
C – Toltoys (Australia/New Zealand)
D – Meccano (French Issue)
E – Palitoy (UK issue)

Page 6 -

101 - General Issued vehicle & Play Sets
102 - Popy (Japan)
103 - Other Promotional stuff from around the world & end of Toy Line/Dead Stock items (Multiple 104 - Sub Sections)
105 - Shipping Cases
106 - Early Bird Mailer kits
107 - ESB Full Colour 6 Packs
108 - Fakes
109 - Other Fake Baggies Seen to Date
110 - Pre-Production / Q.C Sing Offs & Internal Sample related Bagged items
111 - Cinema Find
112 - Bulk Finds
113 - Bulk Finds continued
114 - Index Post (this one)

New Sections (Pending) -

We Really Do Care Promotion (Kenner)
Factory Error baggies

Remember there are 2 other sister guides which are in essence part of this guide which can be found on the blow links here & on the O.P Page 1 post 1

Non Kenner Issued Basic Baggie guide (individual figures only)

Revised Kenner issued Baggie Guide (individual figures only)

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