The Rancor that never was


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Jul 1, 2015

So, here we are and ghostly whispers (see what I did there) of a new SW Haslab project being just around the corner are everywhere. Well, somewhere.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the Rancor that came to h so close but just fell short. I don't think I was convinced at the time about the value, the tier bonuses or even the need for what, a fourth, or fifth Rancor?

Looking back now and I think a few small tweaks would've seen this comfortably over the line.

Point one - let's not mess about, the price was just nuts. I mean now by comparison loo roll is 300 quid but at the back end of 2021 to ask for £330 for this, initially without Malakili was madness - it was £250 tops, and at that it would've been backed. maybe even £299, although at that it might have needed the bones and Malikili included from the off.

Point two - how could the keeper not have been a day one must have, either with each one or at least as a super achievable tier one reward - 250 for the Rancor @ 9k and get the keeper as well at 11k?

Points 3 plus are probably just more moaning.
Basically Hasbro you should know your audience better. And maybe show a nice box that doubles as a play/display arena.

Overall I'd say I'm a bit sad this one never made it, but what are your thoughts on the one that got away?


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Dec 29, 2012
Daughter has a Rancor focus so we signed up straight away but as it got closer and final pictures were released I was secretly pleased when it fell short - just was not worth the asking price.

Hasbro definitely dropped the ball with this one, too expensive, poorly promoted and end product a bit rubbish


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Feb 18, 2019
People seem to be buying these big pieces for the extras. Mattel have started with WWE stuff - And when they had good wrestlers the numbers flew.. and when the figures were a bit lame - They stagnated.

Wasn't the rancor only going to have Luke? If it had reins and a Boba Fett, perhaps a pull apart guard and maybe the two keepers - then it would have sold.

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Nov 7, 2009
It was dead in the water pretty much as soon as the price was released.

Not enough quality on the tier additions and pretty shoddy press photos.

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