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Sith Lord
Aug 22, 2014
The other side of Mos Eisley
We/my kids got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Didn't think that much about it, thought the latest Mariocart game would be a laugh and I'd play their games with them etc. Had a proper look at it today and played around with it a bit. Discovered that with a £17.99 a year online membership you can download a **** load of original NES and SNES games. Mind blown..! There's about 75 Nes and 50 Snes. I couldn't believe it. They're full original games with original graphics and gameplay but obviously with better colour and sharpness on a modern TV. It's a good selection with a lot of the best games and quite a few quirky ones I've never played. I know there's nothing quite like real original but just for a bit of fun and playing purposes it's great. I bought two big proper controllers for it too so I don't have to use the little ones. Can't wait to get stuck in 👍


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