Are the current valuations on Ebay for vintage figures, especially last 17, accurate or inflated?


Mar 5, 2021
I have not been collecting for a long time, many years now. I have considered getting back into vintage collecting but the issue is the cost these days. I was looking at the last 17 figures, such as Luke Stormtrooper and Yak Face. I noticed that the prices are floating around the £300+ mark for decent (not that great) condition figures. Is this accurate or over inflated? It seems the last 17 figures are continuing to rise in price. it's insanity. At this rate I'd need about £15-20k+ to get a great quality (but loose) last 17 collection which is not at all viable.


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Jan 16, 2016
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Vintage prices have only ever gone in one direction, and yes they are currently absolutely insane. What was extortionately expensive 18 months ago probably seems like a bargain today. However, something is only ever worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. If you want to judge whether something is 'worth' the price / 'accurately priced' on eBay, I suggest checking the Sold listings to see what examples in the condition you wish to own actually changed hands for. Unsold listings with 'Buy It Now' prices are a poor guide, as they are likely to often be listed at higher prices than true auction listings finally sold for.

Patience and dedication are the best weapons in your locker for buying at the lowest prices you can find. If you've researched your prices via the 'Sold' listings (or elsewhere, like FaceBotch), I recommend regularly checking the new listings to wait for items that you want to appear at either reasonable 'Buy It Now' prices (hint: these will of course usually sell quickly), or else true auctions that you can take your chances on. I wouldn't be tempted to pay more than something's actually worth though, unless you do so with your eyes completely open, as the last 17 are NOT rare. They're expensive, but they are not rare, and if you miss one Yak Face to a higher bidder, there will always be another one listed very soon.

Hope that helps.



Jan 2, 2016
I also agree with what Jeremy says above.
But I'd also say your estimate of £15k - £20k is way off the mark.
I've just run an evalution on my loose figures collection on Star Wars tracker which takes into account sold prices on ebay, facebook etc and it values a loose complete set (including all 96 figures, plus Blue Snag and a DT Luke and Lili Ledy Squid) at £6,628 - i set it to use prices from the last month only.
Make of that what you will.

*update*- just checked and thats NOT including a price for DT Luke.


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Apr 21, 2018
Some L17`s are more expensive than others, and condition plays a factor to the price. However, I would have thought for the prices listed, you could possibly achieve a carded collection . Some prices and listings on ebay are p!$$ taking IMO.
But we`re all guilty of paying over the odds for something at some point , which can drive up prices.
I have 6 to go on my set.
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