A festive treat from the Vintage Rebellion - Episode 108


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

Merry Christmas to all our listeners, and the Star Wars collecting community. Celebrate the festive period with us whilst the lads share their memories of yesteryear and of course their ongoing passions spending hard earned groats on 40 year old cardboard and plastic.

Christmas collecting Past, Present and Future is on the menu of this episode with dollops of regular festive treats. Can Jason show his passion for the Rebel Troop Transport or will the Andy's Tie up a win by fighting off Pete's Skiff minirig in the Vintage Vehicle Face off.

Richard serves up a delicious three course Rebel Briefings, and theres a corking purchase for Gary Smith in his Palitoy hunt in newest acquisitions.

Join us to see out 2023 with some positivity and good old fashioned merriment.

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