Vintage Rebellion Episode 111 LAUNCHED


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

The Vintage Rebellion hits a nelson of episodes, 111. Shake your legs in respect.

This month's special guest is Blake Edgerton, who joins Rich to chat about collecting Down Under, and in particular, a wonderful story of an amazing vintage find, from a guy who inherited his father's collection.

The intro segment sees the lads discuss the current state of Star Wars, and where they'd like to see the saga develop in the years to come. Moving swiftly on, there's a quick run through the latest purchases, a lively Action Vehicle Face-Off, and Andy P fires 20 questions at the others in this month's quiz.

An international New Acquisitions section sees the team looking at American MOCs, German lobby cards, French 3POs, and diecast and vinyl from Japan. In Rebel Briefings, Rich tells all about touring Tatooine, we look back at Echo Live, and hear from Pete about an exciting new job opportunity. There's also news of a new auction venture for Nick Dykes, a shaggy dog story, and a letter from Palitoy. The lads wrap up with a look at a 70s toy shop, exercising Star Wars style, and black blobs on Jason's group.

This month's licensee section sees the boys getting in a lather as they take a dive into Omni Cosmetics. Will they clean up, or wash out? Listen to find out!

All this and the usual stuff and nonsense, look for the podcast in all the usual places.

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