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    My Trilogo highlights and Luke Tri run

    Yeah basically Scruffy, I've got lots more, those are my favourites.
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    Last 17 MOC run completed.

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
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    My Fett showcase

    Love watching this collection grow.
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    My Trilogo highlights and Luke Tri run

    Just need Madine now of the big boys.
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    Last 17 MOC run completed.

    Thanks to all that helped. Much appreciated.
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    12 C VCJ with Harbert Sticker

    I'd be shitting it if I read that fb post having just spend over 20k on a 'dream buy'. Nightmare! If the guy is buying it as an investment they'd struggle to sell it now into the future with that doubt cast over it. I'd want a pretty straight conversation with Vectis! Smells very dodgy to me.
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    Other Vintage Collections

    There's some really cool stuff on this thread! Here's my starting transformers autobot collection. Jazz and Sunstreaker. I wrecked my Jazz by overplaying as as a boy. Sunstreaker I never had but is class. Sideswipe also on the hit list!
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    Vectis Auction - 40th Anniversary Sale

    22k for the Palitoy VCJ. Wow. I'd be bricking it having something like that in the house. Having said that though an ultra ultra rare item, so can see the attraction and given that what people in the US pay for things, it should retain its value. Didn't the last one sell for c10k? That would...
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    Palitoy 12 Back Run Finally Complete

    Thanks a lot guys. Next task to upgrade! Not sure my wallet wants me to though.
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    Palitoy 12 Back Run Finally Complete

    I'm not far off the 20s! Need Powerdroid, Hammie and Walrus Man. Happy with reseals!
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