Vintage Rebellion Episode 110 LAUNCHED


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

The podcast starts in sombre mood this month as after a brief intro about accessories, we remember our friend Craig Spivey, and celebrate the many and varied things that he brought to the world of Star Wars collecting.

We're talking Star Wars tourism this month, as the two Andy's look back on their recent holiday to Hoth, Rich looks forward to touring Tatooine, and our special interview guest Matt Booker talks about the many Star Wars locations that you can visit in Britain, and beyond. Matt also brings us up to date on childhood collecting, his Boba Fettish, his shop, and much more.

In the intro section the lads talk about their own finds from the Star Wars galaxy, and some wonderful new acquisitions from Russia, Greece, Australia and the USA. Spoons gets quizzical, and Action Vehicle Face-Off comes up with a surprising victor.

Rebel Briefings finds us eager for Echo Live, forcing Fawcett on first shots, early birds and seven packs, and more.

Licensee this month is Touchline as we answer that burning question of how many coins can fit in a money bag - or is it a purse, module or container? You'll Smile when you find out.

Plenty of bluff and banter besides, you can find the podcast in all the usual places:

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