The Vintage Rebellion Episode 77 Launched


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

Episode 77 : Toys and Books and Rock n Roll

Still very much alive, our intrepid band of collectors remove their masks, give their microphones and surrounding areas a bally good rub down with disinfectant  and soldier on like any stern British podcaster would expect to do in a crisis. Hoorah for the Queen.

We remember those days of bobbing for apples in others saliva as we try to regurgitate Halloweens of the past. Richard talks of the final Astons Auctions in Dudley with some incredible bulk lots, we hear about several new books in the community, an amazing poster Auction and Jason becomes very Scottish.

The Licensee section is another of Andy Preston's passions: HC Ford and Sons, stationary for the discerning school child of the 80s.

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