SOLD, PLEASE ARCHIVE: Cloud Car Pilot MOC (Kenner ROTJ 48-back)

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Sep 1, 2014
For Sale: Kenner ROTJ 48-back 'Cloud Car Pilot' MOC. £100 + postage.

Looking to move this on but really want it to go to someone that isn't going to open it.

CARD The most obvious damage is on the right where the litho has been torn off. It's punched, there's wear around the punch and a number of creases come from the punch area. There are quite a few creases across the top of the bubble and in the bottom right corner. There's also foxing/rubbing around the outside of the card. The card doesn't lay flat. Interestingly the card has a 'Free coin' sticker on the front. All-in-all it's a reasonable example of a relatively uncommon MOC which displays well in an acrylic case.

BUBBLE is firmly attached. It has a yellow tinge but is very solid with no signs of cracking. The bubble has been crushed slightly as can be seen on the photo of the left hand side.The accessories are present but no longer taped to the bubble.

FIGURE is of course in factory sealed condition.

As always with a MOC in this condition the photos help the description. I'm happy to take more photos if required - just let me know.

It'll be sent securely packaged in a star case. My preference for UK postage is next day 1pm signed so it's fully insured.
I'm happy to ship outside the UK but would want to ship fully insured and can't be responsible for any additional charges incurred.


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