Foreign childhood vintage purchases


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Feb 8, 2016

I'm sat in my hotel room in Barcelona at the moment, poor me(!), and it brought back memories of foreign holidays as a child. More specifically star wars toy purchases in another country back in the day. I can only remember one but it was a good one.

Early to mid 90s I was on the Spanish coast with my parents and we popped into a beach shop selling flip flops, bucket and spades, sun tan lotion, etc., and to my amazement they had a few boxed vintage SW and He-Man items. I bought 1 jabba and 3 ewok hand gliders (in Pesatas!) for about a tenner. Wish I'd cleaned them out of He-Man as well but I lacked forseit as a 14 year old!! Still got them all at home now.

Anyone else got any foreign purchase memories from back in the day? As a child I always wished I'd been able to visit the USA as I had a neighbour who was older than me who had an auntie in the States who had bought him a cloud car from there. It was for this reason that I spent my whole childhood thinking they were exclusive to the States!!


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Apr 2, 2015
Thanks for sharing. Yes went to the USA about 22 years ago and purchased a number of Episode 1 and POTF2 figures plus a vintage Jawa.
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