Does anyone know much about the Californian Originals Rumph Mugs/Tankards

May 6, 2024
I picked up the set of 3 around 20 years back. A nice set unused and boxed. The Chewie ans OB1 ones are beautifully sculpted and the Vader one is your more traditional Darth bust. They are big.... much bigger than you would think for a mug and heavy. They were some of the very earliest Star Wars products launched and it's well known that the Chewie one was meant to be Geaorge Lucas favourite piece of Star Wars Merchandise. He supposedly had one on his desk while working on ESB and ROTJ.

My query is regarding what I always thought to be a reject or second that I picked up. It is of the Chewie mold with the same detail and the chewie stamp on the back. However it is lighter, slightly shorter and just creamy glazed. It also doesn't have the text on the base. Until recently I hadn't seen another but one popped up on Ebay lately. I wondered if they did sell off maybe slightly imperfect sculptures and just glazed them rather than fully finished them or if they even sold some as self decorate versions?

Anyone have any info?
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