Another loft find!


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Oct 19, 2006
You may remember that back in 2015 I found what was left of my childhood collection in my parents loft. I decided to go back up there today and check every box in case anything else was hiding up there, and although not quite as exciting as the initial haul I did find these! Sadly only C-3POs leg seems to have survived, the other bits are Rock Lords, Super Powers, MASK and Ghostbusters.

And perhaps even more exciting for me personally was this photo of my Star Wars collection from around 1998 (based on the dates of the rave flyers on the wall behind.) Sadly the only thing I have left from these is the carded Luke X-Wing, the rest was all traded away over the years. But it's cool to see a snapshot of how my collection looked pre-internet, all of this would have been bought from local shops in Poole and Bournemouth in the mid 90s.

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