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  1. tobedesu

    Latest Acquisitions

    A couple of modest pickups yesterday. Never had General Lando as a kid. I promised myself that I wouldnt try chasing down the Last 17 that I dont have amongst my childhood collection because of the prices of some of them. Incomplete Lando was a fair price, however. Stormtrooper is whiter than my...
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  3. tobedesu

    End Of An Era - Toy Toni's Snoopers Paradise Cabinet

    I'm intrigued by that cabinet full of camera gear, the Pentax item in particular. What happened to that Palitoy Hammerhead? One of his attempts gone wrong?
  4. tobedesu

    Latest Acquisitions

    Thanks all. I agree, the card is a big compliment to the figure.
  5. tobedesu

    Latest Acquisitions

    Had been thinking about getting an Admiral Ackbar for a while but the ones i found have either a yellow bubble or damaged card. Found this one in a sealed in a plastic bag from the shop. Great card and clear bubble. Just a small dent at the top of the bubble which i can live with.
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  7. tobedesu

    I’ve just located my 60+ childhood cardbacks!

    Great story. So good to see. I've got mine, some with a price label on them so it serves as a memory where they came from. The majority of mine came from Zodiac, Wooworths, Co-Op. A few have Asda and Menzie's labels on them and a few have an unbranded yellow or orange label. Not sure where...
  8. tobedesu

    James Martin / Waltham Wookiee

    RIP. Just saw this on instagram. I never knew him personally, only through being on here, and I think he had a stall at a couple of Echo Lives.
  9. tobedesu

    Forthcoming Vintage Collecting Books

    Their website is here: Looks very promising. I'll be in for that. I seem to remember the kickstarter campaign was put on hold due to the corona.
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  11. tobedesu

    Star Case Koenji Tokyo- PIC HEAVY! I don't know exactly who did this, but it has been filmed and put up on Star Cases youtube channel. Really disappointing they've done this. Quite shocked actually. Lost my respect.
  12. tobedesu

    Anybody else self isolating?

    In Tokyo, where i'm living, it's mostly business as usual. However, the govt has urged people to stay in during the weekends and not to go to bars and restaurants and any entertainment places in the evenings. It's viewing these places as potential concerns of infection due to the number of...
  13. tobedesu

    The Retro Collection Continues...

    Only got Leia and Han from the first wave. After Chewie and Luke still. Will probably get a few of the second wave now...much to the missus' delight :)
  14. tobedesu

    Childhood Vintage collection Valuation.

    I'm not an expwrt on grading, not into it, but not really sure it would be worth your trouble. The figures are play worn, as are the vehicles. You cpuld get good prices for the vehicles, assuming they are sound, because most of the boxes are in very good order. That Landspeeder looks like it...
  15. tobedesu

    Childhood Vintage collection Valuation.

    I can't give a valuation, but that is one great collection. I remember discovering my childhood figures and vehicles in the loft. I can only echo what has been said above. Make sure that you really want to sell. If so, then take closer photos, in focus, good lighting. Sell on here or Facebook...
  16. tobedesu

    What got you back into collecting?

    A few years ago a friend of mine was considering selling his childhood collection off. He, naturally, started off by posting here in the valuation thread, which how I became a member later. Anyway, long story, short... I ended up buying his Hoth Base and complete Bossk from him. I got my...
  17. tobedesu

    Other Vintage Collections

    Thanks, but i read the info online and pretty much passed it on here. I found a couple in a shop in tokyo. I didnt know much about them so did some research.
  18. tobedesu

    Warning new repro that is not in the tig guide

    Fair enough mate. The community needs people like these.
  19. tobedesu

    Warning new repro that is not in the tig guide

    Yes, mate. I dont know who the top blokes are for this type of thing, but when I met Dan at Echo a while ago he was compiling a record of repro crap. His name gets brought up a lot.
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