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    Vintage shops in Liverpool

    Ah mate, you may well have done! I sold the last 17 to him in spring of '97 (it was to pay for a roadtrip in the US, that's why I can date it), so you may well have picked up some :D Thinking about it, I reckon I sold him my complete loose run, not just my L17, because I got £700 for the lot and...
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    Vintage investment collectors...30 years from now?

    All true, mate. I'm not collecting VSW at the moment and haven't done since about 2020 when I sold up due to crazy price increases and need for cash for a move. I've got numerous other hobbies that keep me busy including comics, classic cars, and comic artwork. I still follow the British miltary...
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    Vintage shops in Liverpool

    Was that at 75 Renshaw Street? He always had some good stuff in. In the 90s when I was buying and selling VSW at the weekends to support a beer habit I sold him a set of L17. There was a small shopping centre/arcade on the a corner of the east side of Bold Street, too, but I can't even find the...
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    Celebration Emoji Pins

    Ha! Very long time! I don't think so. Will have a check around. I've actually only recently sold the last of my 2019 pins. Only took 4 years!
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    Excalibur Auction 22nd July

    It's been a long time since I posted, but this is too good to miss :) This has answered a couple of questions that I first asked (myself, I do that a lot) 6 years ago. I'd started cataloguing all the various different Star Wars related adverts in Marvel UK comics. It wasn't even lock down, I...
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    Average 11 hours of toy interest.

    When I think of Star Wars figures and some of the Games Workshop boardgames I had as a kid I agree. But then when I look at other toys of the 80s I had like Mr. Frosty which took me all of 90 secs to figure out was a load of crap or Subutteo (I hated football as a kid and don't like it much more...
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    Tusken Raider...

    PM sent, Matt
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Great Jawa, Carl. Super buy. I don’t think I’ve added anything here for over a year. A house move promoted a massive sell-off of MOCs and left me with my boxed vehicles only. I’ve been slowly putting together a mint unused (but opened) run over time. It’s coming along nicely. This is my latest...
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    Possible rare items

    Some nice cards there. Pity Lando isn’t sealed as he’s surprisingly hard on that card (Palitoy 45B). The pick of them is the Power Droid. That’s a Palitoy 45A card and pretty much rocking horse poo. Even with that crushed stem you’ve got to be talking north of (I’d guess) £2,500? Maybe add...
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    Feedback for Charlton

    +1 to Edd’s endorsement. Sean is a great guy to deal with. Very happy indeed with my buy. Many thanks indeed!
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    Brand new star wars vintage figures but confused

    Super find! You’ll do much better than the price you got them at 20 years ago. Postally used are always more desirable but everyone loves a mailer. Good luck with the sales.
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    WTB - Trilogo Lando, EV-9D9, Luke Poncho, Anakin and tree bears

    Looking for the following in good (I don't want graded but in terms of condition sort of 75+ grade) condition or better. All on trilogo cards and preferably with the "New Figure £1.59" sticker (where it was available), but I'll take what comes: Lando General Pilot EV-9D9 Luke Skywalker Poncho...
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    Round hand-written stickers on vehicles

    They're odd. If they were something to do with store returns, then why not put them on the box so they were obvious? Quality control makes no sense for the same reason. I doubt they're a more obscure version of the "packer" slip, either. Thinking more about store returns, however, a couple of...
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    Cool story bro !!

    That’s the best Christmas story since Scrooged. Bloody brilliant. Worthy of it’s own pedestal and display case, I reckon! Oh, and I’d be striking my cousin off my Christmas card list for sure. What a git!
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    Latest Acquisitions

    That's brilliant. That really does put it in a new light for me, too. They usually look like manky MOCs. I don't recall the actual buying of Ackbar back in the day but I have clear flashes of memory of the cardback, the colour of the background, the feel of the figure when pulling it off the...
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