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    Toy Of The Week 2024 ?

    Really pleased to see you back @Pomse2001 - wasn't aware of your health issues, hopefully you have got it under control now and know what to do if you 'relapse' in the future. Welcome back :)
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    Starfire UK ltd Badges

    Something else I've never seen (or noticed) and never knew existed
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    Figures with vinyl Capes

    I imagine that leaving them up would cause less damage/creasing etc. to them. It's bad enough trying to get creases out of clothes, especially when they have been in for a while :)
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    R2D2 with one blue leg stripe.

    It IS worth millions - to YOU. It's good that you've still got quite a few of your childhood toys, I don't have any
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    Toy Of The Week 2024 ?

    Does anyone have close contact with @Pomse2001 to see how he is? Not been on here since June 24th 2024 which is not like him from what I can see? Hope he's okay
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    R2D2 with one blue leg stripe.

    Hi, could it be a factory error one? - doing a quick check on Evilbay I found these: sensorscope version...
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    Edd's sales list

    Hope you manage to keep hold of the ones you are more reluctant to sell, and raise the funds quickly for what you need. Good luck :)
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    Ree-Yees 65 Back, Lili Ledy MOC, Made in Mexico

    @lejackal , that's a good tip for future reference, thanks :) I personally just tend to check UK prices as international ones can vary so much, depending on availability, postage charges etc. This thread is certainly causing some reactions and debate - remember folks, it's just abit of plastic...
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    Other Vintage Collections

    Closest I've got to that is Dangermouse on a red and silver bike, ha ha
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Happy Birthday @db94 - hope you had a good one :)
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    I'm selling a Rebel Transport, Boxed on ebay for £70 BIN

    Hi @Mini99 - I don't do FB - hopefully any potential ebay buyers don't either, ha ha
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    Ree-Yees 65 Back, Lili Ledy MOC, Made in Mexico

    Hi, thanks for the varied comments, folks. I've put it on at £85 and will see what happens :) Ebay buyers are a 'force' unto themselves - some things listed cheaper can sell more expensively the next time, and vice-versa, ha ha
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    Latest Acquisitions

    I'm not surprised you can't keep track with everything you buy, ha ha. Are unpainted items more collectable and valuable then? that's the second item this week you've posted about. The Force is definitely with you :)
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    Kenner 77-Back Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Outfit MOC Unpunched

    The only thing I can find to nitpick/suggest is that they seem to like Unpunched in the title if you can fit it in. Also you mention the gun and lightsaber (no colour) in the item specifics but not in the description. Looks good though :) Good luck with the sale :)
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    I'm selling a Rebel Transport, Boxed on ebay for £70 BIN

    Thanks everyone, lots of watchers for it but no actual sale, so wondering whether to reduce the price - can never keep up with Ebay prices, they vary and fluctuate that much! Have removed it for now, to re-list tomorrow (Sunday)
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    Ree-Yees 65 Back, Lili Ledy MOC, Made in Mexico

    Hi Following on from my Lili Ledy question in the vintage chat thread, I am posting more photos on here in order to try and get a valuation, please. Sorry that the photos are not as clear as I'd like for the weapon. As per the title, this is a vintage Star Wars Ree-Yees figure on a ROTJ...
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