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    Premier League 22/23 Thread

    If bbc is correct Man Utd are targeting weighorst. Strikes me of Andy Carroll all over again.
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    RIP Gianluca Vialli

    Very sad for someone so young.
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    Premier League 22/23 Thread

    Couldn’t say that any better. Lol!
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    End of 2022 collecting review and 2023 goals.

    In 2022 I picked up my main grail of a Carrie autographed photo. 2023 I want to expand my premiere or advance screening ticket collection and upgrade a few of my other autographed photos i have. a
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    The great 2022 Xmas tat thread

    Haha, I got one of these aswell. Nice.
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    I wonder what I will find at the local car boot sale this year?

    i never seem to find anything at car boots now. Everyone has wised up.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Amazing, very jealous for these.
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    Premiere / Preview / advance screening tickets wanted

    i Can’t seem to message directly but am interested in a couple.
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    Star Wars Premiere Tickets

    I’d be interested in 13 from this list and if you had any other vintage tickets or those from the most recent films for sale, let me know.
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    Premiere / Preview / advance screening tickets wanted

    Hi, looking to expand my collection of film tickets let me know what you have available.
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