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  1. Jedi_june

    This seems about right!

    Rare Complete Squidhead with Repro weapon at a steal of a price :? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :?
  2. Jedi_june

    squidhead madness on ebay

    Now that is a fine idea :wink:
  3. Jedi_june

    squidhead madness on ebay

    I'm not messing with those so called variants :roll: I saw an orange cape go for over $200 and it wasn't even fully orange :? The cape still had green spots :lol: I mean come on!!!!! The only way I would cop if it's on the cheap cheap!
  4. Jedi_june

    Is this that rare??

    @ChazB73: PM me a pic of the squid you have when you get a chance and the Coo. Thanks
  5. Jedi_june

    Is this that rare??

    Cheers Palifan :D That one doesn't look like a orange cape to me :? Looks like a standard cape. The orange cape looks more like this:
  6. Jedi_june

    sucky sucky. anyone collect this crap

    Sucklord is the man in NYC! He has a lot of dope pieces. Also L'Amour supreme, Buffmonster & Paul Kaiju :D I guess you have to be into graph & street art to really love these! :D Todd you can sooooo do this dude, with your talent you can make a lot of money, these pieces go for a couple...
  7. Jedi_june

    My eBay Shop

    Pm Sent :D
  8. Jedi_june

    fire damaged blue snag

  9. Jedi_june

    Warning: SUPER RARE Glasslite Star Wars HAN SOLO on EBAY

    Walkie is always looking out :D
  10. Jedi_june

    Poor guy with 2 right legs!!

    Or two right legs :lol:
  11. Jedi_june

    Is this being too much of a purist?

    I'm outta here man! There's been lots of classics on these eBay threads! I'm sure I haven't seen it all yet! :lol:
  12. Jedi_june

    My Updated List - Selling all. As Bulk or Indv

    Please don't tell me that's the items he's talking about! :roll:
  13. Jedi_june

    My Updated List - Selling all. As Bulk or Indv

    Dude! :? Interested in what? Where's the list of what you have! :roll: I need some of that **** you on bro :lol:
  14. Jedi_june

    Mrs Vader!

    :shock: **** I need to cop that for wifey :wink:
  15. Jedi_june


  16. Jedi_june

    Shear Lunacy I tell you

    Good one!
  17. Jedi_june

    Well you gotta try

  18. Jedi_june

    Iain's eBay Shop

    Congrats lain, wish you the best with the Eshop.
  19. Jedi_june

    Tig 1st Shot!!

    Awesome fig!
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