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    Latest Acquisitions

    Don’t confuse it with the word chuff, that’s something very different.
  2. Clarkspie&chips

    UV window film for collection rooms

    I bought some UV film for a small velux at the top of the stairs and it hasn’t worked. Luckily there wasn’t anything of much value around but some modern mocs have yellowed and a couple of posters have faded and they weren’t in direct sunlight. I’d only recommend using it like Jeremy as an extra...
  3. Clarkspie&chips

    80s birthday incoming

    At least is wasn’t the palitoy version!
  4. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Woah! Thats going some, what an amazing post. Congratulations
  5. Clarkspie&chips

    Toy of the week why do you not share your collection ?

    Hey Lars, I’m afraid I have been on the beach! I’ll get some posts going when I’ve washed the sand out of my arse crack. As others have said I hugely appreciate what you do for this forum, you are a credit to the hobby.
  6. Clarkspie&chips

    Toy of the week 2, Week 2, 2024, Slave I Boba Fett's Spaceship

    Here’s my example, Jeremy signed it for me when he was in Swindon around 2005. I was chuffed at the time but when I heard others talking about the damage signatures do to the boxes started to have second thoughts. However now I’m a bit older and give less ****s I’m glad I did get it signed. It...
  7. Clarkspie&chips

    Best way to avoid buying reproduction weapons and accessories and paying a fair price for originals

    I’m afraid I’m well out of touch when it comes to prices but the accessories will usually be the lions share of the sale price. My guess would be between 60-70%. You could check some sold prices of incomplete loose figures and compare it to the complete sale prices. As far as repro goes your...
  8. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Wow, a couple of minters
  9. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Congratulations Steve, those power of the force mini-rigs look ace. Now you need to get the other two 😜
  10. Clarkspie&chips

    Capital Gains Tax

    I see they've also massively reduced the personal capital gains tax allowance down to £3k so even if the collection is tax liable, this won't help out by much either. They're really going all in on screwing the everyman for tax aren't they.
  11. Clarkspie&chips

    Capital Gains Tax

    The problem with doing this is the business will own that part of the house so selling up will be very difficult!
  12. Clarkspie&chips

    Farthest From Xmas 2023 is going to be the best in Years!!

    I’m afraid I can only make the Sunday and for how long will depend on the patience of the lad. I’m quite pleased I’ve managed to get him to recognising about 25 vintage figures which had just about doubled his vocabulary. Hopefully he can see them all!
  13. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Thanks Frank, luckily they both have the leaflets but now I need a Luke bespin baggie
  14. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    What an amazing homestretch for 2023 Gary!
  15. Clarkspie&chips

    R2D2 Green lightsaber

    You max your sales price if they’re graded but it all depends on condition, if they’re rough it might not be worth it. Post some pictures and we’ll be able to help. If you sell on facebook or eBay there is also a small risk an unscrupulous buyer could swap the sabre or cape for repro and claim...
  16. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Awesome miscard Gary. Palitoy QC already taking the day off before they get to work on trilogos!
  17. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Thanks for all the likes lads, just like old times! @lejackal i can highly recommend going down the popy route, I think they’re still pretty affordable when you compare them to their moc counterparts. And you don’t need to worry about a yellow bubble
  18. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    Well it’s coming up to nearly two years since I‘ve bought anything but I’m very happy to add a couple of Popys to the collection today. Thanks for the heads up @scooternick
  19. Clarkspie&chips

    Latest Acquisitions

    That’s a lovely story Andy, what a top lad your mate is but it’s certainly gone to a well deserved home.
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