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    Change of Forum Ownership

    Thank you for all the hard work over the years, i gaurantee my collection would not be complete without this site, bringing together invaluable resources and knowledge. The impact across the community is impossible to quantify, your legacy is well and truely complete.
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    2Stripes' Collection

    Great mix, something for everyone there.
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    Ebay Gripes

    great list, made me chuckle. can add number 11... 'weapon passed the float test' :roll:
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    WTB last 17 figures

    pm sent
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    Alec guiness autograph

    Alec Stewart did score a lot of runs for England so I expect it will worth quite a bit. You have the cross interest of Star Wars and cricket which should also bump up the price 🙃
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    Has the pandemic changed your attitude to your collecting?

    Interesting to hear we are not alone!
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    Forum Figure of the Year 2021 : THE GRAND FINAL

    Yoda has my vote but...I may have been swayed with the blonde haired Bespin Luke Would a brown snake Yoda or Blonde haired Luke change yours? Thanks for the time and effort putting this fine event together.
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    Has the pandemic changed your attitude to your collecting?

    As many have said, I had way too many figures. The first lockdown was an opportunity to have a good sort and sell on the excess; the prices are so high it just makes sense now. I have a full collection displayed; a bunch of variations and one focus. I still enjoy looking what is on the market...
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    Prices.... again I know, sorry

    I saw that one too. Could t believe it. Today a complete Luke Stormtrooper sold for £295.00
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    Your favourite loose variant or top 3...go

    Yoda has to have variations.....'live to my age, many variations you will also have'
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    WTB Loose figures

    PM sent
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    Your favourite loose variant or top 3...go

    1. Gamorrean Guard - purely because this was one of a few figures depicting more than an individual. I feel I have two separate figures rather than a variation of one! I do not own a hollow tube Tusken Raider, but that would fit the bill too. 2. Luke Jedi blu saber - it is just a cool...
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