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    The chilling trials of a Han Solo figure....

    I didn’t freeze poor Han myself, but I’ve definitely heard from several others who did. Great memories, thanks for sharing!
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    Action figure collectors cases - a question

    As far as I know, the Vader case was fairly widely available in Britain, but through mailaway offers such as the Bounty Hunter Capture Log, not in the shops. The C-3PO case was only offered as a prize in a competition run in John Menzies stores. The rectangular cases weren’t generally available...
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    Andy Preston's showcase - British SW memorabilia

    Website update today - I've added a few recent acquisitions as follows... Accessories - Added Palitoy Jedi store display poster Toys & Games - Added bootleg X-wing game School Supplies - Added HCF Fancy Set, Panini Jedi stickers, and updated Factors stickers. Household - Added Crown wallpaper...
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    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas, one and all, and a Happy Collecting New Year!
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    End of 2021collecting review and goals for 2022

    My 2021 goals were as follows - 1. Agree with Lom, let’s all get vaccinated so that we can meet in person again at Farthest From, Echo Live and other great events. Yes in part - had a great day at Echo Live but unfortunately didn’t make it to FF due to illness. 2. At least one significant U.K...
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    Farthest From 12th December 2021

    It’s a one day event, and no need to book tickets - just turn up on the day. There’s usually a bit of a queue for early bird entry.
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    No more playset and vehicle of the year

    I agree Lars, the polls are a lot of fun and it would be a shame if they didn’t continue. I hope you will pick them up again once the forum software has been fixed.
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    Farthest From 12th December 2021

    I’ll be there along with most of the Vintage Rebellion crew - really looking forward to this one 👍
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    My collection. Hope you like.

    That’s a great collection! I enjoyed looking through those, thank you.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Love that Snowspeeder Si, congratulations!
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    Andy Preston's showcase - British SW memorabilia

    Thank you all! 😀
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    Star Wars Hildebrandt UK Quad - For Sale

    @Bonsai_Tree_Ent may be able to help?
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Beautiful Jawa, congratulations Carl - you don‘t see one like that every day!
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    Andy Preston's showcase - British SW memorabilia

    Next cabinet reshuffle - this time showcasing HC Ford stationery items.
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