Would like to sell this as a job lot and wondered about cost


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Jun 12, 2024
Rough idea of value please (time to part ways!)
I would like to know if anyone could give me a rough idea of what to do with my collection - I noticed a few people mentioning vectis and ebay which I would rather not use.
I have taken images which I hope will be enough?
Sadly a few of the boxes have the titles cut out which I did to get a free carry case that I never ordered!
The x wing box is more battle damaged than the toy itself!
Do not know what to do about the tie fighter box ...
I have done my best to match up the figures with the correct accessories - what I have is what is in the pics.
Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated as it is currently sitting on the dining room table after 30-40 years of being in parents loft.
Also I have not checked the electronics are working in any of the vehicles - should I do so? (they were put away without batteries in and the compartments look as clean as they can be).


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Sep 16, 2016
hi there,

personally if it was me.

I would sell the the boxed vehicles each separately.

any figure which is worth around £25 or more sell separate as well.

any loose figures that are worth around £5 or less sell as a figure bundle job lot.

that way is the best but if you want to sell as a bundle please be aware you will not get as much compared to on their own. with it having a lot of big boxes I assume it would be collection only so that would make it more difficult to sell as well.

You have put some of the figures with the wrong accessories such as, nien nunb, at st driver, cloud car pilot, hoth snowtrooper, ben kenobi as well as 2 ewoks with the wrong hoods. could be more in the picture but thats just a quick glance over.

I hope this helps.


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Apr 1, 2011
Hey - welcome along

Princing is always hard - keeping an eye on places like Vectis (who have a SW auction coming up next week) and Ebay sold prices will give a guide, but as said above you'll get a more money selling separately, especially the vehicles (even with the boxes in those conditions)

The falcon looks complete and clean so maybe £200ish
The AT-AT looks clean and the chin guns are there (they are £40+ on their own) so again £225ish
The Snowspeeder looks super clean with harpoon and original string maybe £80ish
The AT-ST looks complete (little top gun) so maybe £70ish
The X-Wing looks good but the box is very beaten so maybe £50ish
The Tie is harder - box is £0 but the fighter maybe £80ish

The figures are a bit of a mixed bag price wise - I would say the bulk of them are anything between £15-£30ish where you have weapons and they are complete
The figures that are incomplete are maybe £10ish
But there are a couple of Last 17 figures in there - The Luke Trooper is a big one - if you can find the helmet they have gone for as much as £300ish
You've got two last 17 Ewok's there, again missing weapons, but I would have though £80ish even then?
The Last 17 Luke Endor is missing everything so that won't be much now (accessories count)
The Jawa while not Last 17 goes for good money as well these days maybe £50ish
The only Ewok that is complete there is Wicket - but he can get into the £30ish mark
The Wampa is nice and clean but really only £25ish

You might need other opinions and so forth - that is just my rambling :)


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Jun 12, 2024
Wow thank you both for the quick replies and guides.
Do you know if the likes of Vectis take the whole lot and sell them separate themselves or do I have to sort that?
I am not great with eBay only bought a few things never sold anything and would prefer not to start to go thought the process of sorting mailing parcels out in dribs and drabs.
I do thank you for letting me know that doing so would probably get me a better price but that is not really my main aim (although I would be stupid not to admit that getting more is never a bad thing!).
Sadly in terms of the missing accessories etc what I took pictures of is all I have - I am gutted as I gave about 10 figures away to a neighbours nephew many years ago which is why I had some spare bits left over.
I do know that somewhere in the loft is another Yoda as I hid him but can't remember where which is how I ended up with an extra cloak, snake and his stick - I thought it was in the battery compartment of the AT-AT which was a favourite hiding place.
I will keep an eye on any upcoming auctions in the meantime though.
Once again thank you.


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Apr 1, 2011
No worries

Yes - Vectis will sell as individual and or as lots/bundles, pretty much what you want, they will advise based on their experience. I've never used them to sell, although I have some older lego sets being looked at by them right now - you just send them photos etc.

I also hate selling on eBay, so the other route is to sell here or Facebook. For good vintage stuff list it here and I am sure folks will bite. But certainly get a few more valuations and research etc.

Good luck

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