Star Wars Day 2023


Jan 3, 2022
May the forth be with you!

It's SW day!šŸ˜
In celebration of this day, this discussion has in-depth details of what the SE of SW should be.
Today, we will be focusing on the Death Star assault. (from ANH, duhšŸ˜Š)
Updates to come... ;)

Changes list:

Un-flip all flipped shots.

4K/HD treatment to the raw/blue-screen/green-screen takes.

Redo all FX shots/space scenes using Rogue One's CGI.

Using previously unused shots, re-arrange all Rebel command centre shots to fix issues where the image has been flipped (you can tell because 3PO's dent on his head keeps swapping sides and Leia keeps changing position).

Create hologram schematics to all shots of the tactical table in the middle of the command centre.

Add Yavin to the background of several shots to give the viewer a point of reference.

Add the Death Star surface to several shots.

Add star-fields to shots that had none.

Replace several blank backgrounds seen out of the cockpit windows.

Create numerous alternate and new shots to add more motion to originally sterile backgrounds.

Recolour Red Leader's helmet to its consistent yellow. (There are numerous occasions where it turns green)

Re-colour R2 blue in shots where he was still black.

The 180Ā°-turn shot of the Rebel fighters to be a blend of both SE and original. (No Yavin moon in background)

Add a new shot of Red Leader saying 'All wings report in.'.

Re-colour the blue lights that flash when the Death Star turrets are firing to match the green they actually fire.

New shots of Luke diving in to blow up a tower.

Add a shot of Porkins' X-Wing getting hit.

Add extra stripes to one of the SE shots of Luke's X-Wing so it was no longer marked "Red 2" (as all of the Special Edition X-Wings were).

Instead of six TIE Fighters, the station's entire complement of TIE Fighters is scrambled.

Add more TIE-on-Rebel action in background).

Luke's line of 'Blast it, Biggs, where are you?' to be replaced with 'Blast it, Wedge, where are you?' from the mono mix.

Enhance the X-Wing targeting display.

New docking bay matte for Vader's TIE and escort (using the original matte from the Falcon's docking bay) and altered the flight path of the fighters.

Create a new matte for the trench approach to lessen the change between the 2D image and the model shot.

Enhanced the colours of the X-Wing displays.

Add ships in the trench when they should be seen.

Zoomed in one panning shot in the command centre because it was difficult to track the new CGI display.

Use an alternate shot of a TIE pilot so that the shot of the wrong pilot dying can be replaced with a new shot of the correct pilot.

Add Red Leader's X-Wing hitting the surface.

Black out the window behind Vader's head in his TIE.

Add new shot of Leia and 3PO, and one of Luke after Biggs dies, using previously unused footage.

Add dialog from the radio drama of Luke yelling for Biggs after he dies.

Enhance R2's explosion as he gets hit and showed the explosion still going on in the next cockpit shot.

New closeup of R2 after getting hit to fix a continuity error. (Using the damaged R2)

TIE next to Vader's no longer explodes a few frames after its hit so that it explodes as its hit.

Add a lens flare to the Falcon's dramatic entrance.

The Falcon to swerve upwards rather than sidewards.

New shots of the remaining fighters flying away from the Death Star and rearranging the shots of the Imperials preparing to fire.

Reuse previous shot of the laser beam firing from the Death Star interior.

Added new shot of the Death Star beams about to meet and fire on Yavin IV just before it blows up.

New Death Star explosion to replace the Special Edition shockwave.

Fixed Vader's TIE getting darker as it flies away from camera.
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