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  1. Kenner76

    Tons of trade items, everything from preproduction, variants, to lunch box. Looking to trade for proof cards or 1st shots.

    FT: Looking to trade anything here for vintage Star Wars proof cards or pre-production items. POTF unreleased characters like Bib Fortuna are especially of interest. Some graded Revenge proof cards of interest: Vader , Bossk, C-3PO, CCP. -molded legs Han Hoth -Poch Fat LipsBossk, -Barada Baggie...
  2. Kenner76

    FS: Death Squad Commander 1st shot that is hand painted and glued $8,200 OBO PENDING SALE!

    THanks for the kind words guys! This one is now a PENIDNG SALE!
  3. Kenner76

    FS: Death Squad Commander 1st shot that is hand painted and glued $8,200 OBO PENDING SALE!

    Here is a nice Death Squad Commander 1st shot that's hand painted & glued. It doesn't have a coo and came from The Earth. Would be a great showcase piece in your collection. Price includes Express Mail shipping in the US or International Priority mail. $8,200 OBO shipped Express mail or...
  4. Kenner76

    WTB: Leia Boushh POTF or ROTJ proofs

    Long shot here, but I'd really like to purchase or trade for either a POTF or ROTJ proof card. I have really nice trade bait. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Randy
  5. Kenner76

    What's your price?

    I don't think I could put a price on my collection. I accumulated everything because of my love Star Wars and because it brings me happiness. I don't think of selling as prices keep rising, I just remember how fortunate I am to have gotten what I did get before the prices went through the roof...
  6. Kenner76

    2017 Collecting Goals, hopes and dreams

    I'm pretty satisfied with my collection right now, so I just have a few goals for 2017. Most of them are "grails" that I might never actually get, but I'm going to put more effort into them this year. #1. I really really really want to add a Jessica Meade 1st shot or HC to my small character...
  7. Kenner76

    Is there a figure you hate ?

    I've always disliked the Rancore Keeper and Prune Face. Even as a child, they seemed so uninteresting to me. When my friends' Rancor came over, they were always the first to be eaten. :)
  8. Kenner76

    Favourite figure character name

    I agree that Amanaman is one of the most fun Star Wars names to say.
  9. Kenner76

    Would you swap your collection for a screen used prop?

    Nope, my collection and the memories I have made collecting everything is much more meaningful to me than having one prop from the movies. Having a prop would be very cool, but my childhood memories of the toys is what got me started collecting in the first place. I do understand why some people...
  10. Kenner76

    Opinions on grading/acrylic

    I like the look of my packaged stuff in acrylic. I don't really care if it is graded or ungraded, and won't pay a premium for something just because it's graded. I don't care much for graded loose figures and sometimes like to break them out of ther prisons. The nice think about just putting...
  11. Kenner76

    prices of the Kellerman book on amazon....

    Those prices are a bit high, but I sold my mint copy with original mailer on FB not too long ago for $300 shipped. It would be really nice if the 2nd edition came out one of these days.......
  12. Kenner76

    Cost of our passion??

    Prices are still pretty crazy, especially for preproduction items. I now have to sell or trade to be able to afford new ones. Most of the stuff I'm looking for rarely comes up, so when it does I have to be ready to jump on it. It is definitely a different market from a few years ago.
  13. Kenner76

    Rebelscum going pay per view

    I'm certainly not going to pay for privileges on a dying forum. It's a bummer, because I love RS and what it used to be...
  14. Kenner76

    WTB/WTTF: Leia Organa, Tuscan, Jawa, and Greedo proofs

    I'm looking to track down a few proof cards that I need. I can do a generous cash offer or I have some really nice trade items. Here's what I need: Leia Organa: SW blank back, ESB 21 back, ESB 31 back Tuscan Raider: Any ESB or ROTJ 65 back Jawa: any sample/production like proof with 4 round...
  15. Kenner76

    Caring for Vintage Vehicle Boxes

    Another option is to get some acrylic cases for your favorite vintage boxes. They aren't cheap, but they will protect the boxes and give them a polished look. You can get cases at or . They are definitely worth checking out. Welcome to...
  16. Kenner76

    Your favorite figure

    Man that is one tough question... I probably should say the Jawa since that has been my main focus character since 2011, but I'm going with my very first figure R2-D2 solid dome version.
  17. Kenner76

    What's your collecting targets for 2015.

    It was a pretty good year for me considering the crazy prices these days (3 goals out of 5 this year). :) I did get my Leia Bespin 31 back proof in a trade, a Death Squad Commander 1st shot, and 3 revenge proofs including Fett (10 more to go for a "first 21 " run!).
  18. Kenner76


    Unbelievable run Grant! I love seeing all of those beautiful proofs in one picture. :)
  19. Kenner76

    New Force Awakens Teaser Trailer 3

    Short but sweet. :) Can't wait to see this on opening night!!
  20. Kenner76

    Fx-7 Focus! July 2015 update

    Very nice run, I especially love the proofs and the tri-logo moc!! :)
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