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    CRT TV help!!

    My Panasonic flat screen Viera plays everything fine including the light gun games. I’d say try what tv you have with them and see.
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    Vintage Star Wars

    I could help you out for the boxed taun taun and rebo bands, but would not be cheap. Drop me a pm
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    Imperial Shuttle Side Gun & Rear Gun

    Will keep an eye out for you. Im looing for the side door from the later scruffy looking Saga release my self.
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    FOR SALE : Lucas with THE quote...

    Looking for something special for the STAR WARS geek you love? Or just fancy treating your self? Well here it is…. Rare hard to get image, professionally framed up with THE classic quote. £2000 to me after fees, postage etc. You might want to click to expand the photos (my camera is shyte) Thats...
  5. GL framed better shot.jpg

    GL framed better shot.jpg

  6. GL Quote.jpg

    GL Quote.jpg

  7. GL Framed.jpg

    GL Framed.jpg

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    Upcoming Hamill convention pieces to get signed

    With the announcement of a private signing with OPIX and the enormous demand meaning it sold out inside 24 hours, there is also news that Mark Hamill will be appearing at a convention, details to be announced in a week or so. With that in mind, here are some items you might want to snap up to...
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    Imperial Shuttle side door

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    FS : photo signed by the original Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima

    With the HUGE hit Godzilla -1 there is renewed interest in memorabilia and autographs from the classic films. Here is an 8x12 photo print on cardstock signed by the original Godzilla suit actor Haruo Nakajima. Sadly, Nakajima - san is no longer with us. Absolutely beautiful graph pops well in...
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