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  1. Gadders

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2024 - Round 1 - Group A

    I've got a boxed one, with unused contents, but not got a picture of it out of the box.. and can't easily get a pic as its in a box in the loft somewhere.
  2. Gadders

    Toy Of The Week 2024 ?

    New threads would be good with me - it would be a good way to keep regular new content on here, and would encourage interaction between members. Plus its always good to see other peoples items.
  3. Gadders

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2024 - Round 1 - Group A

    tough one - the landspeeder is a bit naff, but the box is absolutely gorgeous. the image above nearly swayed my vote :) Lars - any chance we can have pics all loose or all boxed? (or both for each item) And thanks for running this again, very much appreciated.
  4. Gadders

    Today, I sold four carded figures and bought a…

    Interesting thread. I keep thinking about downsizing. I've got all my loose and all my MOCs in my office, alongside a handful of boxed items. The rest of my stuff is boxed up in the loft. I'm coming round to the idea of selling off almost all the boxed stuff (vehicles, playsets, carry cases) and...
  5. Gadders

    ewok village take it apart again without breaking it ?

    They may (or may not) have been made to be taken apart again, but as Mini99 say above - don't try it. The plastic will most likely be brittle after all this time and the tabs will snap off. Not worth the risk.
  6. Gadders

    Your favourite purchase of 2023 ?

    No problem. The Italian one is almost always up for sale on ebay. Probably the most common of the lot.
  7. Gadders

    First ever Star Wars Item

    My first items were received one christmas, probably 80 or 81.. 4-LOM, AT-AT Commander and CAP-2. Not the most exciting or inspiring bunch. Later the same day I got Luke X-Wing Pilot and a Snowspeeder. Still got em.
  8. Gadders

    Your favourite purchase of 2023 ?

    There are the following versions of that POTF catalogue: Denmark Finland Sweden Germany Italy Norway Spain UK UK Area 51 Reproduction
  9. Gadders

    Latest Acquisitions

    I haven't bought much in some time now, but these two turned up in the last week.
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  12. Gadders

    Facebook pages

    I was a member of a ton of FB groups, but left almost all of them late last year. Feel much better for it. Reason for leaving? the reasons Cazza states above - mainly in the big UK group. A few years ago it was a superb place to pick up what you need at a very good price. These days I find...
  13. Gadders

    2023 Collecting round up & 2024 Plans

    I always love reading these threads each year. There's something about reading other people wish lists that really warms the cockles. I haven't set any real goals for a few years now as my collecting has really dried up, due to there not being much i need these days, combined with being...
  14. Gadders

    Turret Probot Kenner/Palitoy Box Dimensions?

    I'd say yes based on GW Acrylic:
  15. Gadders

    Cosmic Action Figures - New Book

    Direct from Stefan on Facebook, but I believe its now on Amazon:
  16. Gadders

    Cosmic Action Figures - New Book

    The new book by Stefan Faucourt and Yann Leroux arrived yesterday. Lovely hardback book, with 2 coasters and a mini poster (?) The MOC photos are full size images and look great. As per previous books it gives a rarity rating in the form of Death Stars and compares French rarity to UK rarity...
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