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  1. Twin30mm

    What is your best ever bargain??

    A few years back, I was perusing Ebay and spotted an auction for a nice vintage Millennium Falcon. The auction photos werent very clear, but on closer inspection, I spotted something that looked familiar in the background. The sellers description stated that the auction also included the...
  2. Twin30mm

    RIP Jeremy Bulloch

    Another one gone. This is getting too much to bear :cry: Rest in peace, Jeremy.
  3. Twin30mm

    RIP Dave Prowse

    Petition to get a David Prowse statue on the vacant Colston plinth, on Bristol city centre. Rachel Prowse's approval...... Probably won't get anywhere, but would be a lovely gesture.
  4. Twin30mm

    RIP Dave Prowse

    RIP Dave. The big guy will be sadly missed. As a fellow Bristolian, this one cuts just that little bit deeper. Can't believe in the last five years we've lost Carrie, Kenny, Peter and now Dave. Such a shame that the rift with Lucasfilm was never resolved AFAIK. RIP
  5. Twin30mm

    Anyone else lost their collecting joy? Read this.

    Fantastic. Congrats. Along with the Topps bubblegum cards, these are some of my earliest memories of SW merch. I still find it amazing that this type of stuff has survived for 40+ years. Hope you got them for a good price, as they always seem to go for a hefty price.
  6. Twin30mm

    Diamond in the rough Luke Farmboy

    Love it. This is what it's all about. Stunning find. Congrats :D
  7. Twin30mm

    RIP Peter Mayhew!

    Another of the OT cast gone. So sad. RIP Peter
  8. Twin30mm

    Rocket Firing Boba Fett

    Wow indeed. That is stunning. Apparently, the broker is open to payment plans. Think I can scrape up a £1 a week.
  9. Twin30mm

    Who else remembers taking a bath with these two guys?

    Can't remember having the Cliro soaps, but definitely remember having the R2D2 bubblebath. Hopefully one will pop up on Ebay. Haven't seen one for a long time.
  10. Twin30mm

    Restoring Stormtroopers

    There have been various solutions put forward over the last few years, e.g. hydrogen peroxide, ozone + UV light etc. Whilst these solutions work well in the short term, in most cases, the yellowing tends to return after time. There is also the possibility of having a detrimental effect on the...
  11. Twin30mm

    Restoration advice

    Dunk it in brake fluid. The cheapo Halfords Dot 4 stuff is fine. Great at removing enamel paint etc. Tried it on a Farmboy Luke that had been 'customised' and removed the paint without affecting the original paint ops underneath. Worth a go.
  12. Twin30mm

    Earliest Vintage SW Memories

    Love these nostalgia threads. One of my earliest memories is going to the local mini-market and seeing the Waddingtons SW puzzles on the shelf. That and collecting the Topps cards (I can still smell that sickly bubblegum). Buying Star Wars Weekly comic was also a big early memory. I can still...
  13. Twin30mm

    12 Backs on a BUDGET discussion

    Thanks for the info Ian. Willing to look at any condition examples TBH, but will more than likely start off with lower end items and ease my way in. Probably try and track down a few of my childhood figures to kick off with (DSC, Vader, Stormtrooper). Have you got any of those to let go? :D Jon
  14. Twin30mm

    Stormy in the wild

    OXY-10 zit cream is used in the vintage Action Man community to remove staining from AM heads, with some success. May be worth a go in this instance.
  15. Twin30mm

    12 Backs on a BUDGET discussion

    Looking to get into some Palitoy sliced/reseal action. There's been a few 12 back examples on Ebay recently with a £300 BIN. Decent condition, some with footers. I'm assuming these were way overpriced. Not really sure what constitutes a reasonable price. Would the £100 range be more of a...
  16. Twin30mm

    Excuses you give yourself to buy MOOAARR!!!

    Exactly the mantra I was spouting for years. MOCs were financially out of my league, so loose variants seemed like the natural progression. The next mantra is....... "I'll never get into Bootleg collecting, it really just doesn't do anything for me whatsoever" We'll see how that one goes...
  17. Twin30mm

    Excuses you give yourself to buy MOOAARR!!!

    I've found variant collecting a very slippery slope. Just where do you draw the line??? After completing the basic loose run a few years ago, my intention was to just collect the major variants e.g. VC Jawa, Blue Snag etc. This has now mutated into collecting the major COO variants of each...
  18. Twin30mm

    Excuses you give yourself to buy MOOAARR!!!

    "If I splash out on this item, I'll sell something to even things out." Of course, the selling bit never happens :D TBH, I'm pretty good when it comes to buying. I've bottled countless auctions at the last second, when my conscience has kicked in.
  19. Twin30mm

    Shed Of The Year - vintage SW spotted

    Bugger me, that's the dog's bollocks! Bet the neighbours are over the moon, waking up to that every morning :lol:
  20. Twin30mm

    Hollow Tubes Sand Person

    Great info regarding the cardback history. As a side note, in Snaketibes' photo, the Hollow Tubes has a noticeably darker Gaffi Stick. Is this weapon variation peculiar to the Hollow Tubes or just random? Jon
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