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  1. Sundancer Squadron

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    Couple of recent additions, nabbed a loose inferno trooper for a custom and a boxed BT1 as i'm really lacking droids both imperial and rebel oddly enough. Need to find Dr Aphra and 000 but not at the insane prices people are scalping them for. Ill wait until they get repacked. A few other pick...
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    IMG_2394 (2).JPG

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    IMG_2395 (2).JPG

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  5. Sundancer Squadron

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    DB94, that is shear awesomeness on a beastly scale, love it. Just a couple recent cheap acquisitions I picked up loose for some customs, Toryn Farr and Jamiro. And Thrawn has robbed Krennics cape :D
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    IMG_2359 (2).JPG

  8. Sundancer Squadron

    The Listening Post.

    Damnnnn I do like that price, whilst he doesnt come with much hes a cool cat and id grab him if you havent got him. Bit of a hint, we will see more of Thrawn soon :D
  9. Sundancer Squadron

    Michael K Williams R.I.P

    ''Omar comin yo'' Damn, he did a lot of voice overs for some games as well if I remember correctly. Some real talent gone :(
  10. Sundancer Squadron

    The Listening Post.

    Nice one, those Jar jars didnt last to long. I know people are devided on him but the figure itself is really rather nice, wouldn't minded a few more of the race but doubt wed ever see any more to be honest.
  11. Sundancer Squadron

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    At last :D I found Piett, Super happy to get him at a decent price. The fleet troopers are nicer than I thought and might pick up another, no idea why I didn't get them long ago to be honest.
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    IMG_2339 (2).JPG

  13. Sundancer Squadron

    I wonder what I will find at the local car boot sale this year?

    I did intend on going to Norcon but stuck with work commitments and will be out until the early hours of the morning filming. Ill get to some events eventually, i'm missing diving through boxes of things hehehe.
  14. Sundancer Squadron

    Hasbro Star Wars The Mandalorian Din Djarin with the Child

    If you are buying for the intention of a quick flip later down the road, no its not an investment. Buy one because you enjoy it and its what you want, and let the second go to another collector. As for £43? They are often available still for retail around £24 mark. Its a nice figure though, it...
  15. Sundancer Squadron

    Look Sir, droids. Sandtrooper

    Didn't see this one, looks good and yes I agree fiberglass is not nice to work with so well done on making it work. I assume its fiberglass and an unsaturated polyester resin solution mix on it, been a while since I have worked with the stuff but yep can be a nightmare to fix but its doable.
  16. Sundancer Squadron

    Death Star Panels

    You sir are lucky lucky man indeed, when I build my office/man room I might just do the same. Make sure you use high quality lighting strips that don't go yellow or fail easily as it would be a ball ache to fix once everything is in place. Please do some updates with the project :D
  17. Sundancer Squadron

    Anyone remember drawing this little map?

    Its always nice finding a bit of history behind a loved toy, hopefully he/she is still into SW related stuff and doing well. :)
  18. Sundancer Squadron

    I wonder what I will find at the local car boot sale this year?

    Oh nice one on that power droid, complete too. That would be a highlight for me I think. Nothing for me so far, bootsales here have gone almost and anything that is still going isnt even worth the drive sadly.
  19. Sundancer Squadron

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    The Imperial shelf, Zuckuss IG-88 and Bossk need to be aquired then to get some scout troopers the Emperor and couple of the other Scarif trooper types then ill be there.....Almost. The At-At pilots are on the Hoth Shelf with Veers and the snow troopers. :)
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    IMG_2321 (1).JPG

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