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    My Trilogo highlights and Luke Tri run

    Just need Madine now of the big boys.
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    Last 17 MOC run completed.

    Thanks to all that helped. Much appreciated.
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    Palitoy 12 Back Run Finally Complete

    Palitoy 12 back run complete!
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    Vintage Star Wars v G1 Transformers

    I grew up playing with both, originally with Star Wars and then got into the transformer cartoons. Transformers are also really cool, if not better toys, as toys themselves, and there's seemingly hundreds of them with variations. Anybody collect them on here? Not sure they have the emotional...
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    Loose Variant Standardised Top List Definition?

    I've been building a collection of loose variants, but it struck me that there was nothing definitive to aim for so wondered if it was creating a first 12 / last 17 type standardised list of loose variants that a collector could aim for. It would be interesting to see what people think of the...
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    A vintage star wars collectors' confession.. I need help! I can't take the blaster away.

    Okay, becoming self aware that I might need help... About a year ago I bought a Palitoy 12 back Leia- at a good price because the bubble had been opened. A beautiful item that I'd been after for a while, and a step further towards my attempt to complete the Palitoy first 12 MOCs. This 12 back...
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    What's your price?

    There seems to be an increasing number of lots on ebay of whole collections, mostly loose figures going up for sale. I was thinking that if some of the community took some photos and listed their collection you could hang out a price for your collection that if somebody bought could be life...
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    Where is China and Japan?

    I saw somebody write about when the Chinese and Japanese get interested in vintage it could have a big effect on the market. I was wondering though given the interest in Western pop culture and Japan having Takara and Popy why there is n't already a significant Chinese and Japanese collecting...
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    AFA 95- still overpriced though

    I haven't seen many straight 95 subs? Still overpriced though.
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    Alien Covenant- looks brilliant

    Trailer looks amazing. Looks like Ridley Scott back to his best. Can't wait for May.
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    What's out there still to be discovered?

    Season's greetings everybody. I was reading Joe' great article from Trilogo info and saw that there had been some new Trilogo variants discovered this year. I was wondering if anybody had any views on any items / variations that they believe are out there but still not verified or discovered yet?
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    What's your most over hyped?

    Hi, given the price rises over the last few years I'd be interested to hear from people on what they think has been the most over hyped items and why? For me the tr-logo r2 is up there. It's a common moc that was going for £150-250 a year or two ago and now people try to claim it's a £500 item...
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    Luke Palitoy 12 back beater

    Hi, I've got 11 of the 12 and just need Luke. Not looking to remortgage the house and would be happy with a decent beater if anybody has one to sell? Cheers.
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    425$ for a footer! Rare but come on?
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    Would you be collecting if it wasn't for Star Wars?

    I think I probably would have at some point. I think I probably would. I always wanted Megatron as a boy and remember my mum spending 20£ to get one which was a lot back then and then felt massively guilty when I got it home. It was great though. I think I would have saved a fair amount of cash...
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    Favourite Variant?

    I've been enjoying reading the forum figure competition and wondered if you had a separate competition for favourite variants who would win and who would yours be? Appreciate that there are millions. I know it's a bit random, and not sure quite why I like it so much, but I like the R5 with the...
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    Vintage V Modern collecting experience story

    Stock option if you don't know somebody that well, get them a Star Wars present for Chrimbo as they like Star Wars. Suited me fine as I ended up with more star wars toys than I would ever have got as a boy from my partner's family. This included some modern stuff, a Rey figure, Darth Vader- not...
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    I'm turning variant

    With all the price hikes on mocs and lack of stuff out there on ebay I've started to turn loose and go variant. Now I've read that some people consider this pretty weird and I must admit it initially felt strange that I'm starting to collect weird and wonderful variations of Luke Farmboy and...
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    The top 10 vintage star wars collectibles

    Before I get lynched. I didn't see this article and don't read the Torygraph but was sent it by a friend who knows I'm into this. Interesting read, there's also a link to how to invest...
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    Most beautiful MOC award

    What's the most beautiful MOC in your opinion? For me I'd probably go Palitoy 12 back R2. Simple picture, but the colour contrast between the blue and white with the blue white and red palitoy logo is gorgeous imo. I also really like the Uzay blue trooper card. For sex appeal I'd go luke...
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