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  1. stratpack

    Luke Hoth Palitoy MOC

    Hi folks, no photo just looking for a ballpark range on a straight Palitoy 45b Luke Hoth these days? Are we talking 3 or 4 figures?£££🤔🙂
  2. stratpack

    B-Wing canopy and lower gun part

    As the description says, looking for a canopy and lower gun assembly for a B-wing. Trying to bring a damaged one back to 100%.
  3. stratpack

    Amazing vintage find!

    I just wanted to share with you folks something amazing that happened last week to me. :D Last Thursday I got a text from my mate Andy at work:- "My brother is renovating a flat and has found star wars figures in original packaging, photos to follow" Obviously the kind of message we all want...
  4. stratpack

    Star Wars: A New Hope Live In Concert - Nov & Dec 18 Just ordered tickets for this, A New Hope on the big screen with a full orchestra playing the soundtrack! :o :D I've got goosebumps just thinking about it! They're playing up and down the...
  5. stratpack

    WTB - Action Man blue pants figure. Any spare bodies?

    I'm looking for a decent condition vintage Action Man - good hair, hands etc from the Dynamic Body era (blue pants). Even one that can be repaired I'd be interested in. I'm not a hardcore collector so I'm not looking to splash loads of cash just wondering if anyone has a spare body as I have...
  6. stratpack

    Rebels season 3 finale UK showing?

    I've been waiting on the finale of Rebels season 3 for weeks now, but Disney XD still haven't shown this over here. Have I missed this completely? Doesn't show up in catch up either. I thought perhaps they were holding off to tie it in with the Rogue One bluray but nope. Does anyone else know...
  7. stratpack

    Slave One restoration - Retroblasting

    A new Retroblasting restoration for your enjoyment :D 3yLuMJfhuC4
  8. stratpack

    MOC with a John Menzies price sticker

    I'm looking for any MOC with a genuine original John Menzies price sticker. Any cardback considered but I'm on a budget so hold the Palitoy 12bks :wink:
  9. stratpack

    Luke Jedi Trilogo & B-Wing Pilot POTF

    Luke Jedi on Trilogo card with a Palitoy bubble. I put this over on the valuation thread here:- ****NOW SOLD*** Bubbles is in great condition, card is excellent with a slight wave through it. Have a look at the photos. Asking £180 plus...
  10. stratpack

    Trilogo Luke Jedi (green sabre)

    Thinking about selling on a few figs to put cash towards a SW/ESB card. I thought I might have picked this up on here about a year ago (Iain) but I can't find any emails to confirm so not sure where I've got it from or what I paid. The bubbles in great shape and the card is excellent too. The...
  11. stratpack

    Snowspeeder sticker guide

    I finally managed to find an original sheet of decals for a snowspeeder restoration I was doing (about 8 months after starting to look!). I don't have a set of snowspeeder instructions, can someone post a CLEAR photo of the sticker guide from the instructions? The ones online are practically too...
  12. stratpack

    Retroblasting - Star Wars Follies XI

    Enjoy! W08TnVlS-bA
  13. stratpack

    How The Force Awakens makes me feel!

    :D :wink:
  14. stratpack

    Force Awakens voiceovers - SPOILERS

    Just read that Alec Guinness, Frank Oz AND Ewen McGregor were all in Rey's flashback scene! Amazing! :D
  15. stratpack

    Archived Jedi Kenner Tripod Laser Cannon UKG80 **NOW SOLD **

    A UKG graded Kenner Laser Cannon, only taken out of the bag to take the photos. Looking for £60 plus shipping and fees/or gift payment. ***NOW SOLD - THANK YOU!*** I know modern let alone graded modern is about as welcome here as Ahmed Best at an OT convention but down in the depths that is the...
  16. stratpack

    Retroblasting - Palitoy Death Star Playset

    Not a restoration but a humorous comparison of both the Kenner and Palitoy Death Star playsets. mSIK63NzEIY
  17. stratpack

    Poe's X-Wing

    Not sure if anyone else has been following any reviews of the 3 3/4" vehicles but they look of really poor quality, especially the x-wing. I know someone put up that Zavvi pre-order link a week or so ago, they've still got it listed so I'd go for that if you really want it. The nose cone and...
  18. stratpack

    X-wing canopy & AT-AT chin gun holder

    Looking for :- 1) a clear X-Wing canopy (not the late smoky one) 2) one of the AT-AT chin gun holders - if anyone has a scrapper AT-AT head they could take one out that would be great. 3) and of course a pair of chin guns! :D I know its a long shot but I'm also looking for an original set of...
  19. stratpack

    Nunb & Ackber - EP7

    It looks like Nien Nunb and The Admiral might be in EP7 :D Stand back for Jedi beaters of these 2 going through the roof, especially if they're in the next trailer. :lol:
  20. stratpack

    Snowspeeder & XWing spares (updated)

    I'm trying to resurrect a couple of poorly ships. Can anyone help with some spares? There's some on Ebay but some of the prices are a bit OTT. Must be in good nick and not chewed etc Can anyone help? X-Wing - Canopy (clear), Landing Gear, Snowspeeder - Main cannon. Decals - I'm also...
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