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  1. AndyPreston

    End of 2020 collecting review and goals for 2021

    2020 has not quite been the year that we imagined at this time last year! Despite all the challenges, what are our personal achievements this year, and what are our hopes and collecting goals for 2021? Last years thread...
  2. AndyPreston

    Wanted: MOC Palitoy ESB Cloud Car Pilot

    Hi, I’m looking for a Palitoy carded Cloud Car Pilot on either the 45A or 45B Empire card, please. I’m not worried if it’s a bit battered, and would consider a good reseal or cut bubble. Thanks!
  3. AndyPreston

    Andy Preston's showcase - British SW memorabilia

    Hi all, I've been working on a website to showcase my collection, partly for my own benefit as I'm unable to display anything at present, and I thought this would be a good way to catalogue and view what I've got. The link is It's very much a work in progress...
  4. AndyPreston

    July 22nd Starbase Honiton, Devon

    Hi all, Just a little plug for an event that I'm helping to organise,next Saturday in Honiton, Devon. It's a one-day sci-fi convention run by Exewing Fundraisers, raising money for Honiton Hospicecare. We have a special guest Jerome Blake who played multiple roles in the prequel trilogy, and...
  5. AndyPreston

    WTB carded Palitoy ESB Leia Hoth, reseal, cut bubble or beater OK

    Hi, I'm looking for Leia Hoth on Palitoy 30 back preferably but otherwise any Palitoy ESB card. Mint sealed MOC is out of my budget, so I'm interested in creased cards, dented bubbles, cut bubbles or reseals, so long as all the parts are original. I'm happy to pay cash, or for trades I can...
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