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    Tusken Raider...

    PM sent, Matt
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Great Jawa, Carl. Super buy. I don’t think I’ve added anything here for over a year. A house move promoted a massive sell-off of MOCs and left me with my boxed vehicles only. I’ve been slowly putting together a mint unused (but opened) run over time. It’s coming along nicely. This is my latest...
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    Possible rare items

    Some nice cards there. Pity Lando isn’t sealed as he’s surprisingly hard on that card (Palitoy 45B). The pick of them is the Power Droid. That’s a Palitoy 45A card and pretty much rocking horse poo. Even with that crushed stem you’ve got to be talking north of (I’d guess) £2,500? Maybe add...
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    Feedback for Charlton

    +1 to Edd’s endorsement. Sean is a great guy to deal with. Very happy indeed with my buy. Many thanks indeed!
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    Brand new star wars vintage figures but confused

    Super find! You’ll do much better than the price you got them at 20 years ago. Postally used are always more desirable but everyone loves a mailer. Good luck with the sales.
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    WTB - Trilogo Lando, EV-9D9, Luke Poncho, Anakin and tree bears

    Looking for the following in good (I don't want graded but in terms of condition sort of 75+ grade) condition or better. All on trilogo cards and preferably with the "New Figure £1.59" sticker (where it was available), but I'll take what comes: Lando General Pilot EV-9D9 Luke Skywalker Poncho...
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    Round hand-written stickers on vehicles

    They're odd. If they were something to do with store returns, then why not put them on the box so they were obvious? Quality control makes no sense for the same reason. I doubt they're a more obscure version of the "packer" slip, either. Thinking more about store returns, however, a couple of...
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    Cool story bro !!

    That’s the best Christmas story since Scrooged. Bloody brilliant. Worthy of it’s own pedestal and display case, I reckon! Oh, and I’d be striking my cousin off my Christmas card list for sure. What a git!
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    Latest Acquisitions

    That's brilliant. That really does put it in a new light for me, too. They usually look like manky MOCs. I don't recall the actual buying of Ackbar back in the day but I have clear flashes of memory of the cardback, the colour of the background, the feel of the figure when pulling it off the...
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    eBay Bargain

    It's probably because it's not the well publicised or easily found items that get backdoored: it's the one's that aren't spotted until it's all over
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    Toy Toni

    He never went away. Bought a few things off him over the past 6 years, last two being mint pop-up R2s on Trilogo. 2-3 years ago his prices were about right but they've been on the high side since then. He wouldn't dare sell any more of his post-factory assembled pieces anymore, so there's no...
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Now that is cool. Kenner box, Palitoy sticker and Meccano label over the top. I have an Ewok Glider: Kenner box, Palitoy sticker and an Italian sticker over the top. These things were well travelled. Poncho, that's a great score from eBay! There are still bargains out there. I was chatting to...
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    Latest Acquisitions

    AT-AT is always a great item, love. There were some lovely Forest Rangers at the last C&T auction. Scary prices! Seen quite a few about in the last couple of months but it is most certainly on my wants list and that is a stunning example. Lovely addition :)
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Ridiculously generous. Something I will find a way of paying it forward. The stand is one of three made by someone in around 2016. I bought it from a fellow forum member at Farthest From as they were only about for a short time. The others are one for Landspeeder and one for the Speeder Bike.
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Once again SWFUK leads the charge in gorgeous new SW acquisitions. The last couple of pages alone: PBP AT-AT Driver, yoghurt store display poster (no idea they even existed, congrats Andy, awesome find) and a super example of a solid belly Palitoy Taun-Taun box. Brilliant. People never cease...
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