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  1. stratpack

    Need Help with an AT-AT model Identification! Any Fellow geeks able to help me out?

    You've got the Vintage Collection AT-AT first released in 2010:- Hard to say if you've got the Empire one or the reissued Jedi one from a few years later:- The only difference...
  2. stratpack

    Luke Hoth Palitoy MOC

    Non graded, but haven't seen a nice one for a while. Thanks😉
  3. stratpack

    Luke Hoth Palitoy MOC

    Thanks Vernon, yeah I figured it would be in that area. The Kenner offer stickers get in the way of a great card image. The clean lines of the Palitoy is always an attraction! 🥺
  4. stratpack

    Luke Hoth Palitoy MOC

    Hi folks, no photo just looking for a ballpark range on a straight Palitoy 45b Luke Hoth these days? Are we talking 3 or 4 figures?£££🤔🙂
  5. stratpack

    Modern collection thread

    Looks great, have a look at YT channel Only One Kenobi. He has an entire room all in VC figs!
  6. stratpack

    New Vintage Book

    Yip, I've been following JF for a while. His collection is sensational, some great condition pieces.:cool: Stuck my name down for a copy.
  7. stratpack

    Sundancer Squadron-feedback

    Great condition figs, fast shipping, good comms - cheers Ollie :wink:
  8. stratpack

    Loose figures complete.

    PM sent 😉
  9. stratpack

    Feedback for Cazza

    Great packaging, fast shipping from Andy - thank you! :wink:
  10. stratpack

    New forum features

    Subscribed - thanks for keeping the forum going all these years Edd. :D Cheers, Ricky :wink: A spiffy new sabre as well! 8)
  11. stratpack

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2019 - Final

    The AT-AT is one of the greatest vehicles in the SW range, absolutely no doubt. As a kid though I wanted but never got one so have no fuzzy warm memories of it. I did have the Snowspeeder though and I absolutely loved it (even though that pesky harpoon used to keep falling off) so its going to...
  12. stratpack

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2019 - Round 1 - Group N

    What was my first SW vehicle - X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Falcon? No it was the MLC-3! Always has a special place in my heart :lol:
  13. stratpack

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2019 - Round 1 - Group R

    AT-AT for me too. Its one of the most iconic vehicles and along with the Falcon a centrepiece SW toy as a kid. :)
  14. stratpack

    Lots of items for sale

    PM sent
  15. stratpack

    Archived Loose figs sold please remove

    What row are the Luke xwings in? Any chance of a closer pic of them? :)
  16. stratpack

    B-Wing canopy and lower gun part

    As the description says, looking for a canopy and lower gun assembly for a B-wing. Trying to bring a damaged one back to 100%.
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