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  1. Nita Nitro

    What are you currently playing?

    Red Dead Redemption 2. Finished the storyline, so I’m just stoating about enjoying the aesthetic of the game and picking up some of the side challenges. It’s beautifully made.
  2. Nita Nitro


    That is a cool thing to add yo your collection!
  3. Nita Nitro

    Custom Joker guitar.

    Looks really good, and cool colours
  4. Nita Nitro

    Obi-Wan Kenobi tv series (SPOILER ALERTS)

    I’m looking forward to it, and it is cool seeing, who I believe too, to be 4-LOM 😀
  5. Nita Nitro

    Happy Birthday Frank

    Happy birthday 🥳
  6. Nita Nitro

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter all 😀
  7. Nita Nitro

    Latest Acquisitions

    The nostalgia hits harder when it’s your toy shop… that’s a great find. I love the £3.99 price😀
  8. Nita Nitro

    Happy Birthday Spoons!

    Happy birthday 🥳
  9. Nita Nitro

    Star Wars VHS Collection

    Love seeing the VHS copies of these. I found them to be a relative cheap and easy collection to make, albeit that I haven’t got them all yet, but I love the artwork on them and will pick up what I need in time.
  10. Nita Nitro

    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Happy new year everyone 😀
  11. Nita Nitro

    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎅🏻
  12. Nita Nitro

    Test Poll

    Worked fine for me
  13. Nita Nitro

    A HUGE thanks to Blackbeard - re baggie guide(s)

    Thanks guys, this is good news for a great forum and the baggie guides in particular.
  14. Nita Nitro

    Vintage SW is still affordable - £50 or less MOCs latest acquisitions

    Amazing pick-up for that price!
  15. Nita Nitro

    Is everyone asleep??

    Although I’m not a regular contributor, I am on the forum most days, and enjoy the banter and wealth of information that there is to be had. I love the figure/vehicle of the year polls, and just find the forum to be a wee haven, away from everyday life. Long may it continue😀
  16. Nita Nitro

    What figure completed your loose run.

    Nice one, that’s not bad going considering you weren’t collecting them 😂… my collection hasn’t been, and probably will never be, completed as the last one I need is Yak Face and I just won’t pay the crazy money they go for these days.
  17. Nita Nitro

    Your favourite underrated figure?

    Always loved General Madine, Emperors Royal Guard and Bespin Guard 😀
  18. Nita Nitro

    Hello there!

    Welcome 😀
  19. Nita Nitro

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2021 - Final

    AT-AT gets my vote :)
  20. Nita Nitro

    Forum Vehicle of the Year 2021 - Semi final - Match 2

    Y-wing gets my vote :)
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