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    The difference between discoloration and variation

    Is anyone else sick of people finding a discolored figure and selling it as a variant? I remember going on eBay and finding an auction of a ROTJ Palpatine with a TERRIBLE bubble selling as a "Yellow Bubble variant". This is the seller's exact words "I don't know what this is, but it is very...
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    may be a reseal

    Man, that is not a reseal! That is a rare variant with a taped bubble! It was made in Mexico in 1993 and was taped because of plastic shortages! :P
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    Fcuked by HM customs!! Just had to pay 30 quid..

    Yeah. The sad thing, is that people can't tell the obvious difference (well, obvious to me) between Arabic and Hindi. And also, you're right. Sadly enough, Punjabi people are all treated the same way as Muslims just because they wear turbans. To get back on topic, customs suck.
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    Fcuked by HM customs!! Just had to pay 30 quid..

    I feel bad for you, but I can't really relate. Fortunately, I live in the US and I don't have to go through customs. I hate customs though, every time I go to Canada I have to watch what I buy and the fact that I'm of Indian (South Asian) heritage doesn't help either.
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    They got it right the first time!

    There are a few figures that Kenner actually did better than Hasbro. I personally think that Kenner's Amanaman is MUCH better. Hasbro's looks like an evil tapeworm. Are there any others?
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    Very nearly leapt for this!

    I wish it was real. :p Honestly, I wish that Kenner would've released those figures, they would've been pretty cool.
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    leia which one is the rarest

    I've seen both for the same prices. Isn't there also a third Leia, that has gold or something? Or what was that?
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    Guess what I did today?

    Heh. You should customize your broken figures.
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    Grading gone too far

    I think they did this to torture buyers. You will forever sit and look at the game, and never know what it feels like to play it. :P
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    Display Tubes

    I was just about to recommend that place! I used to go there when I lived in Cincy, they're pretty nice guys.
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    cleaning tip

    This seems very helpful, but I wouldn't wanna accidentally ruin my figures.
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    Coco's current display.

    Nice collection Stephen! I like it! :D
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    Arvin. It's Indian. You guys are English, you should be familiar with it. :P
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    big kids toys

    Damn! Nice collection! I like the Death Star Stormtrooper display, and the ewok village alot! :)
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    Star Wats Toys like you've never seen before

    That was disturbing. I guess, in a way it was funny, but this is one of those things, that someone with 1000's of posts, and is just kidding around is supposed to make, not a good first post.
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    New Vintage Line Announced

    I like it all, I just find the soft goods on the SnowTrooper to be a bit awkward. Also, Luke bears a strong resemblance to Steve Irwin, and Leia looks a bit masculine, then again, Hasbro isn't that great at making girls. But other than that, I'm pretty excited.
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    Celebration Exclusive Figures!!!!!

    Don't worry, I will! :) The only problem with that, is scalper prices. :cry: I would love to go to London, but cool figures can't really change my mind. I'm not going to either Celebration because of expenses.
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    I first started foruming when I was 14. My screen name started out as "Arv123", which was the first 3 letters of my name, and 123. After a few weeks, I got bored with that, because it seemed a bit too plain, so I changed it to "UltimateSith4000", but I eventually got tired of that name within...
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    star wars marathon runners

    My goodness! I agree! Same with all of those Stormtroopers that I keep seeing at these conventions! :P You know, sometimes I wonder what goes through Dave Prowse's mind when he sees these guys. As far as the marathon goes, I wish the runners good luck, and it's gotta suck to run in that mask!
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