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  1. MikaHakkinen

    Your top 3 vintage starwars figures

    AT-AT Driver Princess Leia (Endor Combat) Nien Nunb
  2. MikaHakkinen

    2023 Collecting round up & 2024 Plans

    My 2023 round-up is easy: I took the first step and joined this forum! 2024 goals are: Pull my finger out and find the time to photograph the collection and sell the things, which are not in the way but still taking up space.
  3. MikaHakkinen

    Your Top 3 'Disney' Trilogy (Episodes 7,8,9) Characters

    Poe Dameron - Another great pilot who can be relied on to get the job done. His mutiny in TLJ is understable being that his superiors apparently can't tell how devoted to the cause he is. Finn - Seemed to be pushed to the sidelines more and more as the trilogy progressed but nonetheless had the...
  4. MikaHakkinen

    Your Top 3 PT (prequel Trilogy) characters

    Errr... Count Dooku - Because it's Christopher Lee. Palpatine - I guess. Pass on the third.
  5. MikaHakkinen

    Your Top 3 Characters OT only

    R2-D2 - The main hero of the movies. Communicates in bleeps because otherwise he'd wear out the swear filter. Yoda - Probably the most endearing personality in the galaxy. Doesn't pass on an opportunity to wind Luke up upon his arrival. Wedge Antilles - The fact he's always at the sharp end of...
  6. MikaHakkinen

    Forum Playset of the Year 2023 - Round 1 - Group F

    I'm really not a fan of the cardboard sets purely from a play perspective. Cardboard bends and can be ruined with spillages (accidents happen): It doesn't make for a lasting toy. Also the AT-AT background on the first one looks like it was drawn by someone who's only seen TESB once and drew it...
  7. MikaHakkinen

    Forum Playset of the Year 2023 - Round 1 - Group E

    I don't remember the Cantina floor being bright orange! I quite like the Hoth attack base, but nostalgia forces me to vote for the Catapult!
  8. MikaHakkinen

    Forum Playset of the Year 2023 - Round 1 - Group D

    It has to be the Ewok Village. Cloud City and Land of the Jawa's look like they could have been given away on the back of cereal boxes.
  9. MikaHakkinen

    latest film/ dvd you have seen

    I watch a lot of awful movies (deliberately) because they're good to have on in the background while I'm doing things on the computer or house chores. This week I got through: Run Bitch Run (2009) = 2/10 Session 9 (2001) = 5/10 Kaw (2007) = 3/10 Flight 666 (2018) = 5/10 The last one was the...
  10. MikaHakkinen

    Greetings inhabitants of SWF

    No, I'm not the real Mika. He doesn't live in the UK for a start! At least as far as I know. I suck at coming up with handles so I just pick random celebrities nowadays. Anyway, thanks for the welcomes!
  11. MikaHakkinen

    Forum Playset of the Year 2023 - Round 1 - Group A

    I voted for the Dungeon because I've never seen that set before now.
  12. MikaHakkinen

    Greetings inhabitants of SWF

    I don't normally do introductions, I just show up one day and start posting, usually. But as eventually I may be looking to use the valuation/sale sections of the forum in future, it would be rather rude not to extend some form of initial contact and make an attempt to participate in forum...
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