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  1. lfantelo

    Uzay At-At Driver price

    I might help you out with a significantly lower deal :)
  2. lfantelo

    Pomse2001 is a top man.......

    Great seller, greater guy :wink: Thanks and hopefully till next transaction, Lars.
  3. lfantelo

    Archived (SOLD) FS/FT : Loose Figures & Bootlegs

    PM sent on goo'ol polish Boba :)
  4. lfantelo

    Archived All moved to a new thread - Please Archive

    ... as well as on R2-D2 Solid Dome (Hong Kong) minty - nice and white, dome is blemish free and great sticker - dark blue paint version - £22.00 Beautiful shape, mate: where do you find such beauties? Luis
  5. lfantelo

    Archived All moved to a new thread - Please Archive

    PM sent on brown haired Luke :P
  6. lfantelo

    dinner squadron 2 feedback thread

    Great communication, smooth transaction, fair prices and inmediate shipping: worthy of a true fellow collector. Hope to repeat soon :)
  7. lfantelo

    Jambobbyb is a smashing bloke!

    He sure is a smashing bloke: without him I wouldn't have an Early Bird set at home for a more than fair price. Thanks, James :) Luis
  8. lfantelo

    Dublinjeffs Feedback.....

    Great seller. Awesome stuff, in great condition and real HTF items for more than fair prices. Hope to deal with you again, Jeff :) Luis
  9. lfantelo

    Archived SOLD...

    Hi, Jeff, Luke FB cards received: awesome (feedback left :) ) Shame you had to part with such beautiful focus, mate. Best, Luis
  10. lfantelo

    Archived (Now sold many thanks Luis) Early bird set with DT luke

    Hi, mate, Sorry about the cars. Important thing is, only the cars suffered, not the driver :) PM on early bird set (hopefully it finds his new home in sunny Spain....) Cheers to all, and a pleasure to see the solidarity around the forum Luis
  11. lfantelo


    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: PS.- Totallu agree with the U-debate
  12. lfantelo


    PM sent, mate :)
  13. lfantelo

    REDUCED Palitoy Death Star Base....Oddball items

    PM sent on Alastair Eales, signed and dated Luke Farmboy Watercolour
  14. lfantelo

    Archived FS: No time currently - MOD PLEASE LOCK :)

    PM sent on good'ol Lando tri-logo :)
  15. lfantelo


    Price is really sweet :wink:
  16. lfantelo

    Weasel's feedback thread

    Sale went smooth as silk. Repro POTF Anakin MOC a beauty. Hope to deal with you again soon, Jeremy :wink:
  17. lfantelo

    REDUCED Palitoy Death Star Base....Oddball items

    PM sent on sabers, mate :mrgreen:
  18. lfantelo

    Archived Custom and Repro POTF MOC's

    PM sent on Anakin repro :mrgreen:
  19. lfantelo


    Hi, Bram: PM sent on good'ol C3PO tri-logo (with Removable Limbs)
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