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    Mint Boba Fett what’s my worth?

    I’m guessing it must be £1000 maybe more
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    Yes the more expensive ones are different versions of what you have
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    Brand new star wars vintage figures but confused

    Hi there, if there is a spare rancor keeper, I’d be interested. Thanks
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    Individual figures

    It all depends on how complete they are. I would say these might be worth £80+ with weapons. There’s lots of variants which can be worth substantially more. Look for dates on the legs from 1984/85 they are very desirable. Best to try and put a photo of all of them, if you can. Hope this sort of...
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    Vintage collection: Millennium Falcon, Snow Speeder, 40+ figures (original boxes and manuals inc)

    Hi there. Probably the most valuable item is the Han Solo in Carbonite. It’s what is known as a last 17 Figure. Together the figure and the block are worth over £100, quite easily, depending on condition. The small brown ship is a mini rig called AST 5, the other white one is called MTV 7, not...
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    Tri Logo Boba Fett loose figure

    Thanks guys, I wasn't sure how much to be honest, cheers
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    Tri Logo Boba Fett loose figure

    I recently got this from my sister in law, I was just seeing if anybody on here might have an idea of value, tight limbed, with original blaster. Thanks
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    Moc help ?

    Seem ok to me, the stormtrooper with the tape on top of the bubble suggests it is a reseal, or part reseal.
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    Yak Face Tri-logo moc ?

    It looks ok to me, but as lejackal says photos out of the case might be better. I sold mine a year or so ago for just over £650, it had a dent to the top of the bubble, wasnt too bad though.
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    Star Wars Palitoy ESB Imperial Stormtrooper 30 Back B

    Cheers for the reply sith-smith, all helps thanks!
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    Star Wars Palitoy ESB Imperial Stormtrooper 30 Back B

    Thanks palitoyjunky, I wasnt sure to be honest. Cheers
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    Star Wars Palitoy ESB Imperial Stormtrooper 30 Back B

    I was just Seeing if anyone had an idea of what a Hoth Trooper on a Palitoy 30back B card would be worth? No bubble lift or particular wear. Cheers
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    80s_collector valuation requests.

    No worries at all. Looking forward to see what other items you have
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    80s_collector valuation requests.

    Its a bit of a guess really, maybe £120 plus if its sealed. I might be wrong though.
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    Star Wars 12BK Palitoy Tusken Raider

    Would anyone be interested in this at all? I think I will ebay it at some point. Let me know if anyone is, thanks
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    Star Wars 12BK Palitoy Tusken Raider

    Actually it hasnt really lifted. It is more like it not attached, there is no tears etc. Just a very small hole and very minor creasing. Thanks for the help! Would anyone be interested in this figure? Or if anyone knew someone that might be. Feel free to make an offer!
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    Star Wars 12BK Palitoy Tusken Raider

    These are the pics of my tusken raider. It has the smallest bit of bubble lift right at the bottom of the stem. To be honest it does not look as if it was ever glued in the factory. I might sell it, let me know what anyone thinks. I sell on ebay fnx77. im in 2 minds, thats all.
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    Star Wars 12BK Palitoy Tusken Raider

    Thanks for the help. I may sell it, I will put a pic up at the weekend. I thought it may be around that price.
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    Star Wars 12BK Palitoy Tusken Raider

    Does anyone have an idea what one of these might be worth, still sealed, original undamaged bubble, punched though. No damage to the card. Let me know. Thanks
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    Palitoy Chewbacca 12bk carded figure

    Hi! Thanks for the welcome! I might do, i think my wife might for me! I quite like it, not sure really, i just thought it might be worth a bit, thats all
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