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  1. burnsy

    my Costumes

    Looking forward to seeing it finished bud. Gonna be awesome.
  2. burnsy

    my Costumes

    Men dressing up.....really!!!! 8) How close to finishing Fett bud?
  3. burnsy


    That was a great evening at Toys R Us. I think I started the Lego corner many moons ago :wink:
  4. burnsy


    Jeez Weaz, 16,000 posts :shock:
  5. burnsy


    Hello fellas.....Nurnsy, love it. Good to see the old timers still here. I'm still with the 501st but I've stepped back from it a bit. Sold my Fett which was gut wrenching but had to be done. Love the avatar, that was Jeremy kitted up right? We moved house a year ago so all my collection is...
  6. burnsy


    Hello chaps, All good here thanks. Thought I'd have a look in and the forum is really busy which is great to see. How's you guys?
  7. burnsy


    Haven't popped in for a while so thought I'd check in and see how all are doing?
  8. burnsy

    Unpainted helmet Boussh

    Morning chaps, A friend from a costuming forum I'm on has an unpainted helmet Boussh. I sold one about 18 months ago but can't remember how much for? Any idea on a price...roughly? Think it's good condition. No letter in helmet. He's sure it has not been stripped. Any help would be greatly...
  9. burnsy

    Bollux revisited! (One for the oldies)

    Brilliant, great photo! Hope you're well Big Bollox
  10. burnsy

    Celebration Europe 2 - Essen

    On the coach now with the Garrison with 40 costumes all packed. Bring it on.....
  11. burnsy

    Life size Kenner Stormtrooper

    This was on show at SDCC
  12. burnsy

    Toys R Us UK Special Event for CE II

    Was a brilliant evening. I had the pleasure of kitting Jeremy up in his costume. A night I will not forget for a while. Was great to meet you chaps and hopefully the 501st may have some new members :wink: Figures are ok. I reckon the 6inch Sandtrooper is the best. Bring on Germany!!!!!!
  13. burnsy

    What Lego sets?

    Back to the Future...
  14. burnsy

    Toys R Us UK Special Event for CE II

    Looking forward to it. I think we've got an R2 going aswell.
  15. burnsy

    Toyhunter episode - 12" MIB Figures - I want some

    Just watched it, he winds me up. Great job to have though. It amazes me how clueless some of the collectors seem to be with their valuations though!
  16. burnsy


    I liked picking up the thread variants on the cloaks aswell. I think i still have my Jawa variants with green thread, purple, black and brown. I also saw a cloak with some white thread before
  17. burnsy

    Toys R Us UK Special Event for CE II

    Brilliant, look forward to meeting you mate.
  18. burnsy

    Toys R Us UK Special Event for CE II

    Let me know who you are at the event mate and point me towards your son. I'll be dresed as Boba with the UKG and I'll make sure your son gets spoilt with the costumers.
  19. burnsy

    Toys R Us UK Special Event for CE II

    Toys R Us have now changed the time on this to around 8 pm.
  20. burnsy

    Official CE II SWFUK Epic Lads Tour PHOTOS UP

    That will be brilliant!
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