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  1. Davaider

    Cool story bro !!

  2. Davaider

    RIP Jim Stevenson

    Rest In Peace Jim ❤️
  3. Davaider


    I Thought it was An Excellent Film. Huge Credit to JJ. I’ll be watching it a Hat Trick Of Times on the Cinema for sure......ROLL IT AGAIN !!!
  4. Davaider


    Well done on the 5 years guys. Can’t imagine how much work and effort goes into this in each podcast.
  5. Davaider

    RIP Peter Mayhew!

    Sad news , RIP Peter Mayhew ❤️
  6. Davaider

    Price sticker dilemma

    Would be a Dream for me in the hobby to find a price sticker that we bought our Star Wars Mocs from “Janet’s” ...
  7. Davaider

    Your collecting spending in 2018

    I think a big factor to spending less is finishing off your run. I.E if you go for the 12 back run you will get several of the “easy” 1s then the others will take time and hence you will be spending less and being patient to complete the run.
  8. Davaider

    Ep4 ITV - tonight / now

    I think it’s a decent start to get Star Wars up and running again. A lot was based on Episode 4 of course. Thought the biggest mistake they made in the film was taking Kylo Rens mask off. Was all well geared up for Episode 8 with a lot of mystery’s to be uncovered....Then they made Last Jedi :x
  9. Davaider

    Latest Acquisitions

    Ha Class Rich !
  10. Davaider

    SWF at Echo Live - add names here - 20th Oct, Redditch.

    Taffius - Taff Sublevel - Mark (will have a table) Vialli - Dave Roundster - Paul (will have a table) Mr shifter - Ben (will have part of a table) Nick_IoW - Nick (table) StarWarsFan - Steve Darth Bobby (Scott) coomber75 (phil) lejackal - Carl (maybe) Savory 100 Scarifpacific - Simon (if I get...
  11. Davaider

    Vectis 25th September

    It didn’t mate, the Leia organa had the Clipper on the back
  12. Davaider

    Vectis 25th September

    Leia Hoth Tri Logo £950+ :o Am I missing something, Variant etc. these were a few hundred afew years back
  13. Davaider

    Another new palitoy 12 back variation 12ab?

    Yes Can see it Pomse 8) :P
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  17. Davaider


    Hiya Folks, As Stated on the Mr Palitoy Website there is only A and B version for 12 back Palitoys. Well After 40 years of the 1st Release Of 12 Back Palitoys, I Can confirm that this is incorrect and that there is an A Version , B version and C version. Yes you heard right a C version ! Look...
  18. Davaider

    World Cup 2018 Thread

    Have to laugh that I had Germany in Richards sweepstake. Brilliant World Cup so far I think !
  19. Davaider

    Best Star Wars films

    These are the final results Pomse , I gave it about 10 days for people to vote and it was for only the first 100 people to vote due to the website. I think even if another 100 people voted it wouldn’t change much if at all if I’m honest.
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