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  1. tobedesu

    Farthest From, Vintage Star Wars Collector Toy Show, December 2018, Fordingbridge, Hampshire.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Love the Palitoy Christmas jumper.
  2. tobedesu

    NEC Toy Fair 30 Sep 2018

    Always a great fair. Never used to come away empty handed.
  3. tobedesu

    When is Echo Base Redditch 2018 ??

    Waiting for a date to be announced. At the start of the year it has been in April, on the day of the Grand National. I haven't been able to go because of work (I'm a bookie). I was able to get to the last one with a mate in October though. It was even better than I could have imagined.
  4. tobedesu

    NEC 11 Feb 18 - anyone going?

    Fingers crossed with a couple of mates.
  5. tobedesu

    NEC Wednesday 27th December Toy Fair

    Couldn't make it today - work. Hopefully make it to the one in February. The two ones I went to in the year were both good.
  6. tobedesu

    Echo live October 14th

    I might be able to make it this year. If so, I'll probably head over on the train. Is the Kingfisher shopping centre in walking distance from Redditch station?
  7. tobedesu

    Torquay - May The Toys Be With You - June 17th - Sept 3rd

    Thanks for the update. How is Torquay these days?
  8. tobedesu

    Barry potter toy fair NEC

    Next one is 20th August.
  9. tobedesu

    Barry potter toy fair NEC

    I'm sure I bought off your stall at the one early in the year. Emperor mailer and my mate bought an ugnaught.
  10. tobedesu

    Barry potter toy fair NEC

    Good stuff. Thanks.
  11. tobedesu

    Barry potter toy fair NEC

    Has anyone done the early bird entry at the NEC? A mate and I went to the one earlier in the year and it was pretty good. Considering the 8am entry for the one next month.
  12. tobedesu

    Torquay - May The Toys Be With You - June 17th - Sept 3rd

    We had our annual family in Torquay for years when I was a kid. Would love to go back, and this makes it even better.
  13. tobedesu

    Tickets for STAR WARS INDENTITIES go on sale tomorrow.

    Went down with a couple of mates last week. We got tickets for 1:30 which was, to our relief, very quiet. There's some good props and costumes. The models and sketches are nicely displayed. The Identities part of it wasn't really interesting for me, but I can see how it could be good for a...
  14. tobedesu

    NEC Birmingham tomorrow

    It was very good overall. Picked up a couple of pieces including an Emperor mailer. Looks like this was from your stall then punk_pat?
  15. tobedesu

    Celebration Europe 3 - SWFUK roll call

    Mr-Shifter- Ben - thurs/fri/sat/sun - ibis styles robpmarsh- Rob - thurs/fri/sat/sun Clarkspie and chips - Scott - Friday - on my brothers floor in Kentish town adampbooth- Adam - sat/sun - Travelodge London Central Tower Bridge Caswellbot - Chris - Saturday and maybe Sunday afternoon mumbo -...
  16. tobedesu

    SWF member CE badges, give-aways & other "swag" items!

    Hello chaps, I've been printing some photos that I took. Would anyone be interested? I will bring 10-12 different ones with a few prints of each. Here's a couple taken off my instagram of the style I will have. May add borders and logo and maybe even frame a few in a border frame.
  17. tobedesu

    SWF member CE badges, give-aways & other "swag" items!

    Lots of great creations on here, but this is absolutely stunning. Good job, sir.
  18. tobedesu

    Star Wars Celebration Europe 3 - July 15th - 17th 2016

    This will be my second celebration having gone to Celebration Japan when I lived in Tokyo. At that one, I didn't plan it well and got caught up in the excitement and missed out on a few things like talks and buying stuff. I attended one of the collecting talks which was OK. Hamills queue for...
  19. tobedesu

    MEMORABILIA NEC 19th and 20th MARCH

    Couldn't make it either. Anyone take any photos?
  20. tobedesu

    NEC Birmingham, Feb 14th - Worth going as a SELLER?

    Quite an interesting day overall. There was a fair bit of vintage dotted around with MOC and lots of loose. This was my first time at the NEC and was a bit surprised at some of the prices for loose figures, some of which weren't in great condition. Right on with the prices of some stuff was...
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