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  1. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    Top notch, & well done Cazza
  2. Michael Sith

    Today, I sold four carded figures and bought a…

    I had a choice yesterday, buy a Trilogo Luke Hoth or be a child an buy and expensive fridge with a pretentious door that goes transparent when you tap it so you can see what's in there. Obviously I bought the fridge. Pity we can’t tap our heads and see what’s in there!
  3. Michael Sith

    Your top 3 vintage starwars figures

    Fett Solid Dome R2 Luke Farm Boy
  4. Michael Sith

    Boba Fett - ROTJ-J baggie

    Check out Franks excellent ….Baggie Guide scroll through to the Boba Fett section
  5. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    Nice fat lips Bossk there!
  6. Michael Sith

    Capital Gains Tax

    Tax is a minefield! the way I read that, if SW is deemed as a set, if you sell to separate people for under £6K you don’t pay CGT “If you sell parts of a set to different people, you won't pay tax on each part sold for less than £6,000.” but then does it come under normal tax rules and get...
  7. Michael Sith

    Happy new year 2024

    Happy New Year Lars, and to all
  8. Michael Sith

    Merry Christmas

    fijne kerstdagen lars Merry Christmas to all 😄
  9. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    That DSD is Immaculate Gary, thing of beauty!
  10. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    R5 is a stunner, congrats
  11. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    Very nice well done
  12. Michael Sith

    Latest Acquisitions

    Good things happen to good people, was meant to be, great stuff !
  13. Michael Sith

    AT-ST Walker menufactures id Query

    Between 1978 to 1985, American toy company Kenner produced and sold Star Wars action figures with more than 300 million units sold during the original run. In the UK, the license was held by Palitoy with the company importing the figures for packaging in Britain on Palitoy branded cardbacks
  14. Michael Sith

    Cool Childhood Photo - 2nd picture found.

    Wow that’s a real back in time pic…awesome
  15. Michael Sith

    Selling star wars vintage toys

    The best thing you can do is upload pictures of the items you have in the valuation thread and you will get lots of advice that will assist you.
  16. Michael Sith

    MP 4 pack and 15 pack

    Ha ha so do I Lars 15 pack means I need to source complete figures : luke X Wing C3PO fixed Limb DSC R5D4 Chewbacca Leia Princess Luke F Boy R2 Solid Dome DSD Stormtrooper Ben Red Snag Walrusman Hammerhead Greedo not looking for yet as have quite a bit of work to do on the house but will...
  17. Michael Sith

    sold up my collection, still enjoying the hobby

    Absolutely make sure you do Grinchy, we need to keep stalwarts like yourself on here …. It’s doesn’t matter if you move away from SW collecting ( at some point you’ll probably get back on the horse!) your input to the forum is invaluable as you are a great example of what this forum is all about...
  18. Michael Sith

    MP 4 pack and 15 pack

    Thanks guys for the kind words …just need to try and find a space somewhere to set up a small display 15 pack will take some time ! Christians case is super …great guy to deal with as well.
  19. Michael Sith

    Any on who can help with pictures for barada, nikto and a-wing pilot moc ?

    Don’t know if this helps Lars
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