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  1. Michael Sith

    RIP Shannen Doherty

  2. Michael Sith

    Euro 2024 chat & predictions

    Sometimes in life it’s not about the intricacies and the ins and outs of how a situation arises, it’s about that “ moment in time” irrespective of how that moment comes about, as said England are in the final, that is a fact We play Spain and historically people will not dissect how we got...
  3. Michael Sith

    Euro 2024 chat & predictions

    Southgate is he any good, the team are they up to it, blah blah bla, let’s all get in the moment ! England are in the final, and there is 90 mins ( hopefully) for us to play to our strengths , let’s stop with the typical English negativity and get in the moment we are in the final … we are...
  4. Michael Sith

    My New Graphic Novel Business

    Good luck with this, sound like a very exciting time ahead for you
  5. Michael Sith

    RIP Donald Sutherland

    Outstanding actor in numerous roles, truly a legend lost RIP
  6. Michael Sith

    Happy Picard Day

    Stardate 47457.1😉
  7. Michael Sith

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Fathers Day!
  8. Michael Sith

    Shout out to the Admins

    Yep Stirling job being done, well done gents very much appreciated
  9. Michael Sith

    Happy Birthday Darkest_Logic

    Happy Birthday
  10. Michael Sith

    How would i reseal a vintage carded figure

    PVA as it dries clear…def do not super glue!
  11. Michael Sith

    Happy Birthday Cazza

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Michael Sith

    Happy Birthday Mini99

    Happy Birthday
  13. Michael Sith

    Happy Easter 2024

    Happy Easter Lars, Looks like you'll spend Easter in pubs & bars, I am now despairing At your levels of swearing, Nevertheless, as a member on here you are still one of the stars . god påske Lars ☺️
  14. Michael Sith

    Star Wars Blue Milk

    Happy Bday for yesterday
  15. Michael Sith

    Happy Easter 2024

    Happy Easter Lars ☺️
  16. Michael Sith

    Premier League 23/24 Thread

    Yeah we will rustle up the winning lottery numbers for this weekend as well for you
  17. Michael Sith

    Craig Spivey RIP

    Great shame, condolences to the family sad loss
  18. Michael Sith

    Steve Wright RIP

    Sad Loss, RIP
  19. Michael Sith

    Tigerham looking for a certain drawing... X

    Great effort Barry😉
  20. Michael Sith

    R.I.P. Ian Lavender

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