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    REDUCED PRICE Vintage First 12 mail away stand

    ** REDUCED to £200 ** For sale - First 12 mail waya stand (baseonly). Bought an entire stand but just needed the card, so am now selling one of the two bases I have. Absolutely outstanding example of a much sough after rare vintage item. Had it up for sale ages ago (hence dates on pics) but...
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    Vintage Canadian Masks

    Thanks mate but will pass then.
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    Vintage Canadian Masks

    If you can show me the Lucasfilm and date markings on them I will take these. Cant see any.
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    Autographs for sale

    I don’t have three threads. There are single posts in other appropriate sections to link to the thread.
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    Autographs for sale

    Lots of lovely autographs to sell. Please see attached photos for the exact itmes you will be buying. What you see is what you get. UK buyers can have FREE postage. International buyers pay postage. Postage cost will be calculated from Royal Mail "get a price" website and include tracked...
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    Assorted vintage figures

    First PHOTO all @ £3 each Beaters with marks or damage, perfect for making customs or letting kids play with while your precious display remains safe! Ewok, atat driver, Leia Boushh - SOLD 2nd PHOTO all @ £5 each Naked Vaders, Ree Yees, Lando Skiff, Death Star Droid, Leia Boushh, Emperor...
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    Star Destroyer set for sale

    Star Destroyer set for sale. Selling this exactly as I found it, needs a a little bit of a clean but I see this as the basis of a good restoration project with lots of stickers intact. If you have the time and the parts, get on it. What you see is what you get, and the little side flappy door on...
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    Large Collection for Sale

    Is that boxed rancor still there and how much ?
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    Some sold pkease check updated list
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    Replied and marked pending cheers
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    Han Solo pistol 1977

    Comments like that are why everyone thinks anything SW makes them pots of gold - and exactly why forums like this are quiet now. The true value of that piece is NOWHERE near what you said. The community wants people to get a fair price for their items, and the BEST place to do that is on these...
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    Lego Finch Dallow

    Hi all. I’m not a minifig collector so maybe of interest to someone here? FOR SALE : Finch Dallow head and helmet. Alter your existing bomber figure and done. Seeing figures go for upto £85 so asking £55 via paypal f&f obo Postage is £5 signed insured in UK.
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    For sale in the appropriate section , but as I guess that section rarely gets viewed, here is a link to the post Don't like the price?Make me a sensible offer - you never know...
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    Iain's Display Accessories

    Just got a stand for my last 17 carbonite block - very happy !
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    Leia blaster - make me an offer

    Dam straight :D
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