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  1. Darkest_Logic

    Ree-Yees 65 Back, Lili Ledy MOC, Made in Mexico

    hi mate, I am no expert with this moc but normally these mocs are common to find. Bonus is that its a Mexico one so bubble is clear but sadly with the crack / split to the bubble its a tricky one to value. Personally for me, £60 posted or best offer. Hopefully some more values will come in...
  2. Darkest_Logic

    I'm selling a Rebel Transport, Boxed on ebay for £70 BIN

    Good luck with the sale mate, hopefully it goes to a good home (y)
  3. Darkest_Logic

    Toy of the week why do you not share your collection ?

    hahahahahahahaha, I cant help it 😂
  4. Darkest_Logic

    Toy of the week why do you not share your collection ?

    hi Lars, I believe I told you my reason before, currently most of my collection is in storage and finding the time to get them all out and take pictures would be a long process to do. I do need to sort it all out, when I don't know but its being busy a lot makes it harder to do so. regards...
  5. Darkest_Logic

    SOLD elsewhere: Han Solo in Trench Coat, MOC 79 back Kenner

    be warned whoever buys this will see a work of art in packaging :LOL: good luck with the sale mate (y)
  6. Darkest_Logic

    Han Solo in Trench Coat, Kenner 79 Back

    Personally for me, price range between £110 - £120. Would say a little bit more but with how yellow the bubble has gone over time I think it would put some people off. nice overall, shame about the bubble. I hope this helps.
  7. Darkest_Logic

    Kenner Luke Jedi MOC Very Nice!

    Personally for me, £220 - £240. I would expect close to the lower estimate price. Sadly I think that would be the price if it was sold now as sales have slow down recently. I hope this helps.
  8. Darkest_Logic


    Welcome :)
  9. Darkest_Logic

    Would like to sell this as a job lot and wondered about cost

    hi there, personally if it was me. I would sell the the boxed vehicles each separately. any figure which is worth around £25 or more sell separate as well. any loose figures that are worth around £5 or less sell as a figure bundle job lot. that way is the best but if you want to sell as a...
  10. Darkest_Logic

    Guess this belt is repro

    no worries mate, glad I could help (y)
  11. Darkest_Logic

    Guess this belt is repro

    Cheers mate, yeah much better (y) Personally for me, its repro. wrong plastic type, looks to be matte finish, also an emp mark on the front. I hope this helps.
  12. Darkest_Logic

    Guess this belt is repro

    hi mate, not sure to be honest. looks off. if you can get some focus pictures it would help.
  13. Darkest_Logic

    Feedback for Fawns61, please :)

    Bought an item recently from this member. Packaging was like a work of art!!!! felt wrong to open it 😆 Top seller all round. Would buy from again (y)
  14. Darkest_Logic

    Happy Birthday Darkest_Logic

    thanks 😁
  15. Darkest_Logic

    Hi all

  16. Darkest_Logic

    SOLD, PLEASE ARCHIVE: RESEALED ROTJ Luke X-Wing on Palitoy 45 Back

    haha thanks, speedy claim 👀 :LOL:
  17. Darkest_Logic

    Happy Birthday Darkest_Logic

    haha, I did not even think about that :LOL:
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