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    Items as present Haed Office Galoob 20 years ago

    Limited edition release thinly gold plated and worth about £20 to £30 each at most. I have the others in the set so would like to complete it with these, please get in touch. Happy to pay a little over the odds to secure them. Email me at [email protected] or hit me up on facebook...
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    Boxed Vader Tri-Logo (unpunched)

    £125 is about where it’s at grading is a waste of money on something this bashed
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    Current value of a large collection ?

    My health has took a recent turn for the worse so I'm thinking of selling up. I have a good idea of value but would be interested to know what you think ? I've been offered a substantial amount, but what would you say the current value of these items ? A full run of loose vintage figures c8.5...
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    Price Guide for first 12 loose in good condition (with weapons)

    LMAO! Try closer to £600 / £700 depending on comdition for realy good c9.5 examples. Based on 1977 figures : Farmboy Luke nice stiff limbs and white with sabre with tip can fetch £100 easily Leia nice and white with clean unripped cloak and correct blaster can see £120 and add another £100 for...
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    UK Marvel Comics

    A minty no1 with the inserts free gift still on card can go for upto £150 I have a couple of these :D A minty no2 with insert free gift still on card can go for upto £120 I have a couple of these too :D The issues themselves, depending on which one it is and it's condition, can be either...
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    Lime coloured trousers and boots Luke Farmboy

    Have one defo plastic degredation
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    Mail away 12 stand

    Can anyone tell me what the going price is for the stand alone in good condition and the card alone in good condition?
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    Bubble bath ESB 1980 / Yoda rubber pupper 1981

    So who knows about these? History? Rareity? Value? Know someand asking around a few places to see whats known about them. Bubblebath & shampoo unused and still in box. Thanks in advance fir any info.
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    Falcon spares and decals

    So I stripped down a cracked and broken falcon for doner parts - all the usual bits like a strut , radar fish and holder, floor, ramp, top lid, lehs, side plastic details, seat etc But also managed to recover all of the decals from inside bar I think one cockpit decal that was missing, and also...
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    OT - any Action Man guys?

    Thanks a lot guys, sent Spoons an email - cheers everyone !
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    OT - any Action Man guys?

    Are there any action man guys on the forum please? My mate asked me to help value his old toys, but it's just not stuff I know about enough. If theres anyone on here that can help please pm me with your email so I can send pics as they just wont work on this site for me. Thanks guys
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    Lego help please?

    Thanks mate
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    Lego help please?

    Hello guys, I know this is not exactly the vintage toys we all know and love, but a freind asked if I could find out some info for him on Star Wars lego, so hope you all might be able to help me find out the value of a few things for him, and then maybe we can put anyone interested in buying in...
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    Meccano Jawa MOC and Emperor potf MOC

    Thanks guys very much appreciated will pass info on to him
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    Meccano Jawa MOC and Emperor potf MOC

    SO....... 64 views and ZERO valuation advice :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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    Meccano Jawa MOC and Emperor potf MOC

    Mate had these at a show today asked me about value so said I would post and ask for him. If anyone is looking to buy pm me and I will pass your details along to him. Photos not working so here they are over on rebel scum. Thanks in advance...
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    Snowtroopers tri-logo value

    Hello, wondering what the value of a tri-logo Snowtrooper COO variant no 5 with the removed Hong Kong Coo would be please...
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    Star War comics

    Thanks mate
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    Star War comics

    Do you lnow which ones are more?
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