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  1. tobedesu

    Bargain / Discount /Sale retail thread

    If anyone's in Coventry then the 6" Black Series Tie Fighter is in The Entertainer for £49.99.
  2. tobedesu

    help please!

    Congratulations on the sale. I got a photo with a similar one at the end of last year in Tokyo. Great item.
  3. tobedesu

    Royal Mail Star Wars 40th Anniversary Collector's Set

    It does look a great set. I was debating this or the framed set... Still not sure.
  4. tobedesu

    The new Hot Toys SW figures are insane!

    Outstanding. Held off on Princess Leia... Regretted that. Resisted the pre-order for Leia Hoth... Probably regret that. Now I've seen Leia Endor... Damn you Hot Toys! My wallet cant take it.
  5. tobedesu

    The LEGO Corner

    Lego store in London.
  6. tobedesu

    Thanks ASDA

    They had one in sainsburys but already claimed... :(
  7. tobedesu

    Picked up a Rogue One display today

    That poster style one is really nice. They have a huge K2 at sainsburys with the countdown to release on it and a standee of a stormtrooper. I'd really like one but dont know where it would go... I had a Kill Bill standee of Uma Thurman when I lived in Japan. It stayed in the box and I ended...
  8. tobedesu

    Rogue One figures - Sainsburys

    The Stormtrooper I picked up.
  9. tobedesu

    new 40th anniversary figures from hasbro

    Yeah, £25.99 I paid from Forbidden Planet. This is the only one I wanted at that price point.
  10. tobedesu

    new 40th anniversary figures from hasbro

    Two Leia's and three Luke's at Forbidden Planet in Cov. The face sculpt is a vast improvement.
  11. tobedesu

    Rogue One figures - Sainsburys

    I was at Sainsburys on Monday and they were priced as £5. The Stormtrooper is a great looking figure so had to buy one.
  12. tobedesu

    home and bargains got new 6 inch black series in

    Nice one, maybe they're getting some Rogue One stuff in.
  13. tobedesu

    19" Rogue One Death Trooper - worth getting?

    Thanks for the heads up. I've just ordered a K-2so figure from Argos. Can't beat that price.
  14. tobedesu

    Home Bargains offer

    Looked at that the other day. Looks a great buy for £29.
  15. tobedesu

    home and bargains got new 6 inch black series in

    Got a good selection at the small branch near me. Picked up Kylo Ren and Rey & BB-8.
  16. tobedesu

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    I'll have to pop down to my local Home Bargains. They didn't have anything last time though. Week off work, in Birmingham today and thought I'd pop into the Disney Store. Well, she's down to £14.99. Bargain. Its a bugger trying to change her hands mind.
  17. tobedesu

    Latest Modern Acquisitions

    I'm really tempted with The Disney Elite Leia. Considering it's roughly 10% of what sellers want for a Hot Toys Leia I think it represents good value.
  18. tobedesu

    new 40th anniversary figures from hasbro

    I'm keen on the Leia if you do.
  19. tobedesu

    new 40th anniversary figures from hasbro

    The "centrepiece" range may be interesting. Thought we might get something more in the way of action figures.
  20. tobedesu

    Modern for sale thread

    Offering these for reduced price (photos on previous page): Han £12.50 Jango £12.50 Yoda £20 Prices include postage and fees.
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