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  1. tobedesu

    So what did you think about Solo: A Star Wars Story ??? SPOILERS

    I thought it was enjoyable overall. They filled in all the necessary bits like meeting Chewbacca, Lando, winning the Falcon, etc. However, I felt like I didn't find out as much about the character as I would have liked. I didn't like Lando's femenist robot with the Captain Phasma voice...
  2. tobedesu

    Why do most SW fans say ESB is the best film in the OT?

    Yeah, I get that too. I watched the double bill of star wars and empire at the thatre when I was about 7. When I was a kid I think ROTJ was my favourite, mainly down to the Jabba scenes. Star Wars fascinated me too as it was an introduction to the characters and the Tatooine sets were great...
  3. tobedesu

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer... TONIGHT!!!!

    I think so. He's got a lot going on in that short clip to have pulled it off. Still, im sure the film will be fine.
  4. tobedesu

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer... TONIGHT!!!!

    Yeah, it has more of a Rogue One feel to it. The sets appear good and I'm looking forward to the full trailer.
  5. tobedesu

    Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer... TONIGHT!!!!

    ^ Thanks, man. I'm watching the Superbowl but obviously not gonna screen it in the UK. Besides, I'm watching the coverage on BBC.
  6. tobedesu

    The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

    ^ Brilliant.
  7. tobedesu

    The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

    Definitely. He should've said "lady, your purple rinse is a ****in' trap", headbutted her then took over the suicide mission. A blaze of glory fitting for a legend.
  8. tobedesu

    The Last Jedi - **SPOILERS THREAD**

    A day at work to digest things. Went with two mates last night and we ripped it apart on the drive home. My basic idea of the Last Jedi was Rey would convince Luke to help out, he'd train her, take on amd beat Kylo Ren himself who'd become a lot more powerful, but would lose to Snoke, thus...
  9. tobedesu

    How Do You Rank The SW Movies Now?

    Empire Star Wars Return of the Jedi (Rogue 1) Force Awakens Last Jedi Revenge of the Sith Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones
  10. tobedesu

    So what did you think about star wars VIII ??????

    Disappointed. Much like the prequels, after one watch it's doubtful I'll watch it again.
  11. tobedesu

    Luke joining the darkside..!!

    Hope not. If he has turned then who is a suitable foe? Rey? Who's just discovered her powers. I'd prefer if he was more of a Kenobi type figure. Yes, predictable but would work. I'm sure there's plenty of surprises in store but, in all honesty, have Luke become the bad guy would be a...
  12. tobedesu

    My Relative in original star wars film

    Just checked that that character, Tzizvvt, is credited to Stephen Calcutt. It was the first one I thought of when you mentioned "bug alien". There's also an interesting site called cantina customs. However, be aware it contains a lot of pop-ups so won't link it, but you can search for it if you...
  13. tobedesu

    My Relative in original star wars film

    Searches of Mos Eisley Cantina brings up a lot of character images. From what you wrote I would agree that this is the likely place where he was an extra.
  14. tobedesu

    Rogue One at home.

    Must admit that is very cool. Is it a Tesco exclusive?
  15. tobedesu

    Rogue One at home.

    Yeah, saw that. Last year Tesco gave away a free character guide with TFA. Sainsburys might be the choice this year then. Was thinking to get an exclusive cover/design but I don't really splash out much on DVDs/blue rays anymore. The standard cover looks good so it'll do.
  16. tobedesu

    Rogue One at home.

    Watched it at the cinema in 3D and now at home in 2D. As good as the 3D is, I still prefer a film in 2D.
  17. tobedesu

    Rogue One or The Force Awakens

    I really like TFA, good villain and locations. Sets were good, but didn't care much for Finn and Poe. The main attraction in that film was Han and Chewie and all of the other original characters. I thought it was pretty solid overall. However, R1 is a better film overall, packed with action and...
  18. tobedesu

    Where do you rank the seven movies now?

    I'll go then, V IV VI R1 TFA III I II Never top the OT for me but I think Disney is doing a grand job...surprisingly.
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